Saturday, March 31, 2012

"I like my chicken medium, if that's ok."

Hello again! If I'm going to keep up with blogging, might as well be persistant with as many daily posts as I can do!  Have to keep you updated on my life right?

Ok, so yesterday I mentioned a new friend.. Everyone meet Cecile!

 What a blessing she has been! About a year ago, Andrew and his roommate met her working at the resort they all worked at. Since then, her husband and her have taken them under their wings.  She is responsible for getting my guy back in to running!

Anyway, after the expo last night, Cecile and husband Robert had us over for dinner! Grilled chicken (reason for the title.... Hubby likes to make jokes), squash casserole that I will steal, creamed corn, and sweet potatoes.. We contributed the potatoes and corn :)

These are their little guys Patton (yellow), and Huckleberry (black). Super super loveable. And Patton is the licker for sure. Don't worry about bathing before visiting..... he will fix ya right up.

This little guy is Skippy! He lives in a beautiful tropical paradise. Lucky dude.

Before dinner, I was introduced to the crab pot. We took Robert and Cecile's golfcart around the neighborhood to the dock. Last year during crab season, they caught A LOT!  

And here is Robert.... 

We had to shove some bait in the trap. What better bait than left over frozen Thanksgiving dinner?!
 Andrew was incharge of dunking it... And now we wait until it is checked to see if the turkey leg was a success.

Got to see the beautiful sunset on a perfect weather night!

After dinner, we mapped out the plans for race day morning.. Starting early with a 4:30 alarm.

Bedtime immediately following....
Until tomorrow...


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