Friday, March 30, 2012

I'm BACK!!

Did you miss me at all?!

I've missed blogging!!! So what have I been up to the last few months? Only seeing a friend get married, welcomed a close friends baby into the world, watched a best friends belly grow month by month with HER baby, congratulated another best friend on her Engagement!, planned my own wedding, got married, enjoyed an amazing honeymoon with my HUSBAND!!!!, and moved from MS to SC the next weekend. Needless to say, I've been a busy girl lately! - more on all of that later.

So since moving two weeks ago, I have yet to find a job. Our apartment is eat off the floor clean because I have to keep myself busy. I'd like to say I have dinner on the table when my hubby walks in the door, but too bad he likes to cook so much and takes over when I attempt myself. No complaining here!

It has been hard adjusting to life without a job. The first week was unpacking with my parents, but then a week alone, I'm going stir crazy! During all the planning, I lost touch with my old friend, RUNNING. Too much to do and so little time, and quite frankly... I didn't feel like it.

I ran enough times to count on my fingers and toes, but I slacked off bad. Since I have no job, and the unpacking and organizing is done, I needed something to do. Being in a new town and not knowing my way around, I stuck close to home. Like, front entrance close. 

Apt Gym

This place has been my personal gym, until someone would walk in and I would have to share.  Another reason for needing the gym you ask?.... Remember when I ran the Run for Life half marathon in October? Shortly after, I signed up for a race in Charleston. It was also mentioned back then. Cooper River Bridge run is a 10k with 47,000 participants that run over the Cooper River Bridge! Yes you heard right-47,000.  I'm almost a little terrified. Mostly because I haven't been running. This week I made myself. Doing no more than 2-3mi.. but a little is better than none. I have a lot of catching up to do.

Anyway, race is TOMORROW! The expo was held downtown yesterday and all day today. It was my first expo to go to, and my new friend Cecile's as well.  and it was huge. But VERY organized!

Walking in we were directed to initial boards to locate your name and bib number.

Talk about being overwhelmed! There tons of them with teeny tiny names by the thousands.

Found mine pretty easily.... only it was sad having to look up my maiden name instead of my new name :) Love hearing it! Cheesy? So what.

I was special and got my name on it since I signed up months before normal people. I was determined to do this race. 

Like I said, everything was extremely organized! 
 My favorite booths were shoes! These bright colored ones caught my eye and normally I wouldn't want something so LOUD, but these are fun! I'll need to invest in some new ones soon anyway! Job comes first though. :)

Not sure who this little guy was, but he gave us a friendly goodbye with waves.

At the expo, I signed up for a drawing for a free entry for the Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon!
A couple of months ago, I said I would probably never run a half marathon again because of the long distance. Being at the expo, and around so many runners.....the atmosphere drew me in! This isn't for sure, but I'm def going to look into it. Running the Run for Life Half in October was awesome with the weather timing. I'm hoping if I go thru with it that we luck up with perfect Fall weather again because this race is October 21, 2012!!


Since the life changes, an updated blog is necessary! I plan to have no excuses for not running. I have a running buddy already, and my husband has even started back up again! I'll miss my Susan, but I'll have to adjust to new things and new people and a lifestyle of RUNNING! Wish me luck! Oh- and be prepared to be overwhelmed with honeymoon and wedding pics in the future!



  1. I am so so so so SO happy you are back in the blogging world! Posting about your life up there will keep you semi-busy!

    P.S. I can't wait to see pics and expect something in the mail in the next week or two! :)


  2. Hello from Jacksonville, FL! Glad to hear you're back! I was just thinking about you the other day (I know, random) hoping everything was going well! Hope your race goes well and look forward to the updates!