Monday, October 17, 2011

Race Pics and Nut Butter....

These are some pictures from Saturday at the race.....
group pic before at the starting line

I told you I was sprinting to the finish!! Do other people do this or am I a weirdo? I am still amazed that my body could kick up the gear at the very end.

Running my girl to the finish line! She did so awesome!!
So I'm always hearing about the different nut butters that are out there.. I wanted to try something different to go with the 10 day cleanse I started yesterday. The almond butter is fabulous and perfect consistency. The organic peanut butter grosses me out to stir it. It looks like dog diarrhea. Seriously.

After grocery shopping, I took a 3 mile walk with my parents. Since running was not in the plans for me today, I got to enjoy the pace and the conversation. The weather was pretty nice too. It took us 55 minutes to do just over 3 miles with two long inclines. My garmin clocked our pace about 17.04. I'm too lazy to get up and look for the third time.

Night night.

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