Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Run and Bloopers

Wednesday after work, I drove 45mins to go run 3.5mi at the last Pub Run of the summer that Fleet Feet puts on.

It was my first time to run something like this and I definitely didn't expect to see so many people there. They had two options for mileage.. 4mi or 2mi. However, the 4mi actually ended up being only 3.5, but it was a weekday run which I was ok with.

Before the run, they took snapshots and they caught me at my best with all of the excitement I am showing. Luckily I made a friend in the bathroom line and didn't have to stand outside like a loser all by myself. I was suppose to have two running buddies, but neither of them could make it, so I was forced to be sociable.  
It worked out that she clued me in on the route and started the run with me. Then of course, she took off and left me when I had to take my walk break. She runs 8mi almost every day, so running my speed would have bored her. (her and she because I can't even remember the sweet girls name)

Running in a different town/area, and having a change in scenery made everything better! I also had strangers in front and behind me that kept me going. One lesson I learned? Warm up like always before pressing hard. Before every run, Marathon Makeover teaches us to WALK to warm up. Normally that is about 5mins for me. I did NO warming up before this run. Everyone took off and I certainly didn't want to get left and not know for sure where to turn and stuff. The first 2mi, my anterior tibs were extremely tight and had me worried about finishing. I loosed up tho and finished 3.5mi in 39:20 with 11:14pace. 
I was pleased with myself. and got to capture this beautiful peice of artwork from up above :)

After my run, I rushed over to my photographers house after changing in the car while driving grabbing some food. We had to meet up to let me pick through the 270 pictures we had taken last weekend and decide on the yes' and no's. of course I couldn't completely get rid of all them immediately. Here are some bloopers.
Most awkward position for both of us. I had run 11mi and was cramping with postioning, and his ankle was getting grinded in the concrete from my booty having to sit on it.

Him is Hulk.

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