Sunday, October 2, 2011

Wedding and Registered!

Saturday I was scheduled for 12mi for my half marathon training. With it being this close to the race, and with the fits my knee has given me, I decided to listen to my body. If my knee started hurting then I would only do 10-11mi. The Full trainees were on schedule for only 10mi. Of course I couldn't make myself do the additional 2mi, so I stuck with Susan throughout the entire run. 
 We finished 10mi in just over 2hours. Our pace was a little slow, but we walked the last 1/2 mi just to talk and cool down. To make up for the walking we decided to end with, we did sprints a few times. Stretching a sprint out to 1min was torture! We only did that once.

After an awesome run, my mom and I with my brothers girlfriend headed to Jackson to shop for my moms Mother of the Bride dress! My aunt also met up with his to have some fun. We found her dress at Alfred Angelo in pretty quick timing. Same luck as with bridesmaid dresses. It was the first dress she picked out and she looked awesome! Will look even more aweome when its the eggplant color she ordered. It was a great girls day of shopping.

After shopping, I had to head 2 hours away to my best friends wedding! It was a looooooong drive that looked like this.

What better way to entertain yourself than jam out to Adele and take pictures of yourself. Sure.

I was so excited to see the exit I needed to take, I just didn't know I still had a little bit of a drive ahead.
How cute are the signs?! They had these placed in all the turns since the location was in the middle of nowhere.
 And then I turned the corner and spotted this. How beautiful. I wish I had a better picture for you to see.
 My beautiful Jess so happy and glowing!
 Her awesome bouquet that was perfect for her. The entire WEDDING screamed Jessica!
 Barefoot beauty waiting on 5:00PM
 Her Daddy walking her down for the last time :)
 Mr. and Mrs. Walters!
 Be nice Ragan.
 Me with the happy couple. I love you guys!! Ragan I know you will take good care of my girl. I'm gonna hold ya to it!
 First Dance.
 She is one of a kind. God definitely made her special for me..... and Ragan too.
 And their off!.... on his ridin' toy. Have fun honeymooning!!!

And after an extremely long day and drive back and forth, I was wanting nothing more than my bed. And so was Deuce. This is my brother's boxer that came home with him and took over my bed. Normally I saw NOOOOO. but he chased deer at the camp all day and was just as tired as his Neecole was. Hims a big baby. Human sized baby.

And today?...... I went to church, napped, and watched movies all day and did absolutely nothing called exercise. But I did registered for my first race in South Carolina when I get moved!
 This race looks INSANE! Its a 10K that will be held for the 3rd year in Charleston. This year they will close registration at 74,000 people. Oh my gosh are all races this big? I would think maybe marathons, but a 10k?
 Andrew is going to run this with me! We gotta get my guy in running shape, so any training plans that you can suggest?

This is the bridge we will run across. This was a bridge in the distance of our proposal spot! and also in the back ground of some pictures we took at the Charleston Aquarium back in May.
Yay for motivation!! Guess I'll keep my half marathon training up with Susan as she prepares for hers the week before my wedding in March.

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  1. I'll be doing cooper river!! I did it last year and it was so fun!!!