Sunday, October 9, 2011

Baby Happiness and a Training Sched.

The beginning of this post is all about my bertiful best friend Courtney! for her first baby shower!

It was such a cute and fun little shower for our sweet baby Katie Lauren W. that will be here in December. Don't ya just LOVE little girl stuff? The sweetest thing ever! I'm beyond happy for Court and her husband and Drew!!

Lots and lots of goodies!! No hiding that she is expecting a girl! I wish I had pics of the camouflage MSU outfits and the mini cowbell she got. Beyond precious. Drew will be proud to see something besides PINK.

She is just precious barefoot and pregnant :) I'm ready to get lucky enough to feel Katie kick. NOW.

How cute is this cupcake display?! Homemade icing too. Mmmm. 

Everything in the spread was homemade. I actually scored the pumkin dip recipe the hostess made! Its in the very center in the heart shaped bowl. I'm not nice enough to share the recipe until I've made it a couple of times myself and have people think it was mine originally. Duh. -Serve with Gingersnaps. oh my gawd good.

My favorite gift of the day that Court recieved. Such a frilly, dolly, girly little pink and white lamp! LOVED.

My other bf Amanda and I decided everytime we look decent, we have to take a picture together. We were lacking a large amount compared to ones with other friends. Love my AB :)
 Best part about staying friends with your high school BF's? You never get rid of them!! Your bound to run into each other all the time with occasions like this! Emily is our friend on the end that is getting married in Decemeber and will give us another celebration to get together and party!!

This is my first big race coming up at the end of this week, so I have been waiting on my training schedule all day. I was told it would be a little different than usual for tapering, but really, it wasn't all that different. My excuse for not working out today? I didn't want to do anything to hurt myself. patiently waited on the schedule. and I got it..

Monday: 30 mins
Tuesday: 25-30 mins
Wednesday: Rest day. No Cross Training
Thursday: 40 mins
Friday: Try to do as little as possible on your feet. (With my job? Yeah right.)

This week, Marathon Makeover instructions are to go to bed 15-30 mins earlier than usual. Done.

Coach Kim also made us a list to go by. Much needed for sure.

Start your running bag packing:
Bra/Nip guards
Garmin Watch/Charger
Body Glide
Long sleeve T-shirt to wear before race
Breakfast for Race morning

All I'm missing is my Chocolate Outrage and Orange flava Gu's and gotta find a long sleeve I don't mind throwing to the curb.

Come on people give me some advice to calm me down! I feel the nerves coming. But still incredibly excited!!
Got the race results in from yesterday! I'll definitely stick to their mile pace for me!

5 Mile Run Results:
Place   Age Group Place   Name     Age     Time   Pace
249      6                          Nicole     24F    55:13   11:03 dadadadaaaaaa!!!!! I'll take it!

The end.

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