Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Goal Pace Accomplished!

This week at work they posted a flyer announcement about a Biggest Loser challenge that our hospital is going to sponser to get a everybody to a healthier place. They have a ton of people on board and really excited for the competition. Why? Probably because the prize is CASH MONEEEH. 
They will start with their first weigh-in on Monday and will push through 9-weeks to get to their goal weight. The rules are kind of cool. If you miss a weigh in, you pay $1. And the same for if you gain a pound. Each contestant will weigh in 3 times a week (not sure why so many times) and the results will be confidential. 
 Since I was told yesterday that I'm not allowed to participate, I personally am making my contribution to participating to get on butt's about healthy eatin habits. I'm hoping this will help ME eat a little better. It's been AWFUL lately how much food I consume. I have done fantastic the last three days.

One problem? Patients family members bringing the staff food.
This was "lunch", and I also heard doughnuts were for breakfast. And the fact that we have "parties" for any occasion. Remember we throw down when someone QUITS. No more people. No more.

I did have a chicken tender, a popcorn chicken, and a chicken wing. Sue me. Then an hour later for REAL lunch, I had Fiesta Chicken Chili that I made last night. YUM.

I made sure I guzzled two sports drinks today. I don't do this enough, but this week is time for seriousness.

After work, I chugged a Spark drink for some energy and went for my first run of the week.
That's right. I didn't run yesterday because I decided to cook for the first time in a couple months. I'm priviledged to live at home. I know.

Let me back up and share my next goal to work towards after I complete the half marathon Saturday. I want to press for miles at a time instead of work intervals so much. Changing up training will definitely boost my motivation if I have something to shoot for.

So this week we were not suppose to do any "new training". Fail. My garmin took forever to find a satellite and I just started running after about 5-8mins of walking. I ran for a couple of minutes before it decided to work. I pushed myself to run a hill and once I topped it, I was able to push and keep going at a good pace. Since my watch wasn't set on intervals, I kept my eye on pace and miles. I finished my first mile in 9:16!! Whoohoo!!! Then it went down hill.

The Splits
Mile 1- 9:16
Mile 2- 11:44
Mile 3- 13:14

Ahhh success. I'm happy with today because it a taper week so I didn't need to push myself too hard to new goals. Next week is a different story.
Sweaty obviously.
 And because I love my baby Squirrel, I though I'd share this hilariousness. Spoiled.

 And this? Too funny. We found it on a door at work.
They have been stripping patients room floors after discharges. If only I had a better story for you.........

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