Sunday, September 11, 2011

9 MILES!!!!! Girly party. check.

So Friday night I had insomnia and could not get to sleep. When the alarm went off at 5:00AM, not hitting the snooze button was hard. I was definitely tempted, but would have killed myself if I skipped since today was my first NINE MILES! 
When I tell you it was a struggle, I mean it. Every Saturday I begin my run a little faster than the others in the group. They like to take longer warm up walks, and then they all complete mileage training for the full marathon. So, I had no one in front of me to keep me going and to follow. It was FREEEZING that early. I'm not sure of the temp, but I do know my fingers were numb in the beginning. When I got back to my car it said 52 degrees, so you do the math.

So yet again, my running partner had plans away for the weekend and couldn't meet up with all of us to run :( Lets just hope she is prepared enough to finish the full October 15. Fingers are crossed for ya Susan!

My run was completely backwards than usual, because the first 3 miles were easy. I started struggling at mile 4. Nervousness was definitely there since I knew I had 5 more miles to go before I reached my 9. I went thru 2 gu's on my run which I normally don't do. But it kept me going and gave my body what it needed.

Getting back to the vehicles was the best because I knew what was waiting on me there. The pasta salad usual! I will be getting this recipe. Its so so so good. Atleast it is after a long run!

Ice bath complete, then breakfast..... SmartOnes French Toast and turkey sausage, and mom made a fruit smoothie.

Since Monday was a holiday and I wanted a day off, I had to make up a work day. It was productive and fast since I left after 5 hours. As I was getting on the elevator, a patients family member gave me a rose from an arrangement they had gotten. Such a small gesture meant so much.

Now I see the consequences of running. My knees were KILLING me all during work, so I tried to sit down as much as possible. Andrew will cringe when he reads this because I have scrubs on. I had no drive whatsoever to change clothes before I applied the ice. I could have cared less about my clothes.

I had to get ready quick to head out for the night, so of course I grabbed the icepack and we had a great ride. The ibprofen probably helped too. My pain was gone 45 mins later when I arrived at my destination.

I rushed over to Jessica's new house to see the inside for the first time! That painting on the wall is one she did! She has them all throughout the house and it looks amazing. I should have taken pics of how everything was decorated, but that would be creepy to people she doesn't know.
Sweet Ellie was such a good poser!
Da-da-da-da!! She gets married October 1st so of course I had to throw my best friend a lingerie shower/bachelorette party!!

How freakin cute are these cupcakes!? Gigi's Cupcakes are beyond awesome. Each cupcake had a different silhouette. White cake, hotpink icing (5inches tall), and little pearls. Super girly and perfect! Thanks to Mrs. Melissa, Jess's mom, for getting the cupcakes!
 And then when the party started with the lingerie, we had gawdy, nasty onlookers. Two actually got up from the table and moved to the other side just to see her gifts. Creepy.
 So what better way to get them back than make it obvious we know your watching by marching over to take a pic. You see the one on the right. He was frightened his wife and kid would leave him for being so gross.

My beautiful Jess! I could not be more happy for this one. She smiles so much brighter these days and it makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. I love you JW!!

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  1. Congrats on the run!!

    The Bachelorette seemed like a good time as well :) Love the cupcakes!!