Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Training Races

Workout: 2.4mi/30min treadmill

Nothing I ate today was important to share with you, except this Subway fruit parfait. I had it as the side with my turkey sandwich... I inhaled this thing in a 8.6seconds while driving back to work. I LOVE yogurt. and fruit. and granola. Paired together, the three make a delicious team. 

I sinned today. I skipped church tonight to run. Ooops.
I got on the treadmill and had the motivation to try 5min run/ 1min walk. After doing a 5min warm up walk, the first two intervals were easy. Then I started getting a burning from my styloid process down to right above my belly button. That is the second time that has happened. I'm not sure if its because I was breathing really hard or what. I pushed another 5 mins, then I walked for 2min. Then tried another 5min, then decided to walk some. Finished with 3min of walking. Hey atleast I did cardio... my legs should appreciate that. Its better than sitting on the couch and eating... which is what I really wanted to do.

So today I got an email from Fleet Feet about upcoming races in our area. Every since I signed up for the half marathon, I decided I wanted to do at least one or two short races to see what it's all about.. and because Andrew demanded insisted over and over and over that I be smart about it and do it. He use to run way back in the day and thinks he knows everything. Sometimes he does. :) I decided this time he was right.

Next Wednesday at 6:00pm, I will be running in the MS heat. This is a 2 or 4mi fun run or walk. Apparantly Pub Runs have been going on all summer and this is the last one of  2011.
Why not do it? Its FREE. and it will be a great way to get a week day run in and have fun with it. Leah is gonna do it with me and this will be the first time THIS year we will run together! We have walked several times, but last time we ran, she got me to run 1/2 a mile without stopping and I felt such accomplishment since I could not run. oh how far I have come :)

On October 8th, the weekend before my half marathon, I will be running Over the River Run in my hometown. This race is a 5 miler and goes across the MS River Bridge and back. I did this race with my mom when I was in Jr. High I think. We walked it back then and it was fun getting to talk to so many people as we finished.
 Then on October 15th, I will run my first HALF MARATHON!!! I'm so excited to achieve this! After seeing how well I can handle 10mi, I know that 13.1mi is doable. Absolutely.
 I'm so pumped to complete this race alongside my Marathon Makeover team and cheer the rest of them on as they finish the FULL Marathon! We have worked so hard, giving up so many Saturdays to run before daylight instead of sleeping in. Susan has been at it since January. I can't imagine. I've been with them since July2 and so ready to sleep in. I plan to meet for our last group run the weekend after the race, and then I WILL be taking about a month off to sleep. Sorry Kim, if your reading this. But I WILL be back. Running with a group is just so much better.

The next race I plan to do is in January. Not sure of the date, and not sure of the location, or the name of it. But I plan to do it. Once I move to Charleston, I'll go crazy finding all new places to run. Its so pretty there and will be beyond awesome in March.

Now I'm going to be spending my night like this.
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