Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Successful RUNNING and Shopping Weekend

First off, lets just say I suck at doing daily blog posts these days. Once a week seems to be the special number... Cassie definitely jinxed me by saying I was doing so well a while back. Oh well, life goes on. I'm sure your all just so super disappointed to not here of my lameness every day. I def do miss all of the feed back and peptalks in the comments. Maybe thats why I've been slacking... I need to know people are still reading and are cheering me on!

Anyway, so lets back track to Friday night. I needed to fuel my body with carbs for my long run on Saturday morning. It was the usual. Pasta. Yummy pasta too.. I had never had this kind. It was farfalle pasta with spinach and grilled chicken with alfredo sauce. Yum. I ate almost both helpings. My mistake.

Saturday morning I woke up easily when the alarm went off at 5:25. We didn't have to meet in town until 6:00, and I was dogsitting and had a shorter drive. I had all my gear out ready for me, as like every Saturday morning. Shorts, top, sportsbra, heat gear socks, gels (x2), spibelt, garmin, heart monitor, body glide. I hit the road after drinking a Spark energy drink, and downed my Access bar for fuel.

We had a small crew show up, but we all had 10mi to complete for both full and half marathon training. We started at Mission Primary Care, walked to the neighborhood across the street, ran to the stadium, then to the police station, 2 laps of Washington St., then back to the doctors office.

Now lets back up further to earlier in the week. You all know my training has been slacking. Big. Well, my stupidity got me into a mini injury I guess. Because I wasn't training during the week, then doing 7 and 9mi on Saturdays, my legs started to feel the results. By Tuesday, by anterior tibialis (front muscles under knee) were KILLING me. So bad that I iced every night for 3 days in a row. I called Kim, my team leader, and told her the situation. Her and Leah both told me the same thing. "It's because of the gap in your training. You are wearing your muscles down too much on weekends." It was a slap in the face of reality. I'm not being very fair to my body and not training a healthy way. So I did three workouts during the week. Lots of walking.. and a little running.

I had legs to baby on Saturday obviously. Kim told me to walk the first mile or two just to loosen up. I walked the first mile. Power walk. It felt great, and by the end of it, I felt ready to run. Lets not forget about the energy drink I had had. I was raring to go! I'll specify. By the time I got to Washington Street, I was able to run all the way up. Its straight uphill. Normally I stop and walk. Now by the second lap I did have to walk. I did alot of walking during the 10mi. If I felt burning in my anterior tibs, I walked. Certainly did not want to screw myself again. And..... I finished!
I finished my 10mi in 2:05 with lots of walking!!

 I was STARVING by the time I got back to the house after chatting for 30mins. My breakfast was Smartones Ham and Egg Scramble (disgusting looking), and PB toast.

And chocolate milk. A huge glass. I enjoyed this part a little too much.
Then of course something always has to happen. My knee started killing me. Only one. only my left knee.
 I could bend it and feel a pop/grinding type thing and got really freaked out. It hurt. Bad. I limped for about 3 hours. and iced constantly when I was able. Come to find out, my ITband is tight and causing pain at the insertion on my condyle. So, stretching and ball squats are to be done. Stat.

After this ginormous run, I knew an ice bath was the best solution to prevent PAIN later.
This was the first COLD water bath I've had since training. Our water at home will not get cold cold. More like luke warm. Well this water was cold. and I added a pitcher of ice. Goodie. People who do this are INSANE. That's all I could think over and over and over, when I was able to hear myself think over the sound of chattering teeth.

My brain didn't clear up to tell me to take a pic of all the ice until most of it was melted. But you get the idea. 

I had a busy day ahead, so after all the fuss with freezing, cracked teeth from chattering, and an incredibly painful knee, I napped, then got ready to go shop with Jessica. I had to find a dress to wear to her wedding on October 1st, and also needed outfits for engagement pics this weekend. Since we were in the area, we grabbed fro-yo! I had some with my candy and fruit thank you. I love Janae for advising the marshmallows. They really do make it better and weigh absolutely NOTHING. Thanks Janae!
After shopping and finding a dress for her wedding, and being unsuccessful at finding engagement pic outfits, and eating goodies, I decided to head home. Before I could get out of the area, I came across this cool character. How was his face not suffocating?? He was dancing around having fun and getting paid. Pretty fun to watch at a redlight.
I was blessed with a beautiful sunset on the ride home.
 I came home to this pretty pretty princess, Lexie. She is so super sweet. I wuv her.... Her was happy to see Neecole.. that tail was just a waggin'.

Sunday, I had to miss church to work. Boo. Because ANDREW COMES HOME FRIDAY!!!!!!, I had to make up a work day with patients. I worked only half a day, and then moved on to more fun stuff, like shopping for my Bridesmaid's dresses with my MOH's Brittany and Leah! and.... we found it!! We went to Alfred Angelo to start the hunt. We walked in and the girls and I started fumbling thru all the dress racks and they each picked two and hit the dressing rooms. This was the overall final pick! It will be light pink instead of red tho! Beautiful dress, and they loved it! I'm so excited to see all of them wearing this dress in MARCH!

Great weekend full of accomplishments! Let's hope this coming Saturday is just as successful with my 11miler I have to conquer. I can do this. I can do this. I will do this.


  1. I laughed at your face in the ice bath! They are crazy but probably the only reason I can actually walk since upping my mileage for marathon training :) Great job for sticking with it!!!

  2. 10 miles!!! Yeah Girl! My 10 mile run is next weekend and Im scared to death!