Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ruts Ruts Ruts...

Lately I have been in a rut. a blog rut. a running rut. a workout rut. People keep saying since our engagement that I have been slacking. True, but the main reason? Well getting up and meeting NOBODY before daylight is not a motivator.  In 2 1/2 weeks I hadonly run once and that was 3 miles. Friday night I called my Marathon Makeover team leader for some encouragement. I knew that I would kill myself if I ran the 9mi that I was scheduled for on Saturday morning. She suggested I do 7mi, then 9 this week, then 10 the next and so on. I felt so much better after talking to her. Thanks Kim it was just what I needed!

And sure enough I got my booty out of bed at 5:00 to meet the team at 5:30. It felt SO good to get back into it and was actually not hard on my body like I had expected. The entire run I had an extremely light drizzle of rain which made it all the more enjoyable.

After the run, I had to rush home to shower and stuff my face with the breakfast my mom had cooked, then get ready for a wedding shower for my friend Emily. She is getting married December 3!

She was drowned in some really great gifts! It was almost never ending, at least thats probably what her niece (the flower girl) thought since she was volunteered as the gift fairy. She loved the gifts that were 800x her size the most and picked those first.

Of course we had to get that group shot of all of us! This is my group from high school that I still love just as much today. These girls are amazing and I'm so blessed to have them still in my life!

After seeing all the fab gifts that Em got, and chowing down on petite fours and brunchy things, I headed to take care of these two little rascals. Rememeber Freddie and Bartok? I got to spend the weekend with them again.
I don't always like being woken up in the middle of the night 3x because Bartok fell off of the bed, but I love the fact that they let me sleep as late as I want in the mornings when I have the chance to sleep in. Score.

To continue my busy Saturday, I headed to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to register and FINALLY got to see my BFF Lauren so we could catch up, and she could do Groom duties since Andrew couldn't be here. After 2 1/2 hours of FUN STUFF, I was exhausted and starving. I had not properly refueled my body as I normally do after long runs because of my busy day. I met my friend Cassie (she is my Proxy Bride!!!!) at an Italian restaurant. Yummo. Lobster fettuccini, then this masterpiece for dessert. White chocolate bread pudding. 

Sunday was a chill out day with church and naps, and that kinda thing. We had some pretty nasty weather over the entire weekend but it def got its worst Sunday night. I had no power from midnight-8:30AM, so I decided to go home for breakfast since my mom was cooking again. They had company and that is the excuse of her breakfast magic.  The power came on right as I was leaving, but I still left for food. duh.

Trees and powerlines down everywhere. and I am a privileged child of my dads. Only because he works for the power company, and was wearing his work shirt since he was headed to work. We were stopped on opposite sides of the street because of a down powerline.
So what do I do? Put my car in park and walk up to he and the cops and say "Do I need to turn around?" Um, no. They held the line up for me to pass under to get home. As far as I know everyone else had to turn around. yes I'm special.

A full belly and the absolutely amazing 70 degree weather made me feel like getting in a run. I didn't do much, but atleast I got out there. What I am not looking forward to with running in cooler weather is a runny nose. annoying.
I ran in the neighborhood I'm dogsitting at. Running a different route is thebombdotcom because changing things up is always better. The neighborhood I run at in the mornings is getting out. So I def needed a change up. This place has the perfect amount of flats and hills. And I feel completely safe. A sweet little dog shared the run with me. Obviously I run slow because he never let up.

My precious grandfather turned 80 on Sunday, so my mom and I took the grandparents out for lunch on Monday. Is he not so sweet looking?! He is the calmest, sweetest, understanding little man. He has the patience of a saint. That is his secret to living a long healthy life.

We went to eat at place called Cheddars. I wanted to give my belly and my mouth something new to taste. Monte Cristo it is. Let me tell you, it tasted like a funnel cake with meat and melted cheese on the inside, dipped in raspberry preserve. ahhhhhh. Heaven in my mouth.

I completely thought this would absolutely tear up my stomach. But it didn't, and my stomach and mouth were super happy of the fruity grease I had consumed.

And here we are today. After a long and very productive, tiring day at work, I was determined to get the energy to run. Susan skipped out on me for quality boyfriend time, so I was flying solo. Luckily I had the perfect weather to cheer me on. I laced up the tennis and headed out the door.

The park was my choice in route today. It was beyond fabulous with the shade, clear skies, and a change in scenery. The park and I have not seen each other since I quit meeting Susan in the mornings. She teaches Jr. High kids and chooses to give them her time instead of giving it to me. So not fair that she picked money over motivating me. jus saying.

But I busted out almost 3.5mi all by myself and even ran into a few of my Marathon Makeover buddies in passing. I tried to do speed work. Is there a specific way to do this other than just charge butt? I did well at some points, then I would have to take a longer walk break since I couldn't breath. Obviously I didn't do it right. Oh well, I got out there and did my second workout of the week, that was suppose to be my third.

Saturday is 9mi so I hope I'm ready! The cooler weather will def be something to look forward to!

See ya lata.

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