Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 2 Success!

Day two:: SUCCESS! I woke up to my alarm at 5:15 this morning, snoozed, then opened my eyes three mins later. I new I needed to get up, but considering I didn't fall asleep until after 11:00PM, it was extra hard. I looked through facebook and twitter, and checked my emails before dragging my butt out of bed. Grabbed a Special K cereal bar and a water and headed out the door.

Today's schedule was to run 40 mins. Considering its been exactly two weeks since I have ran, I knew to take it slow and easy. Obviously it was slow, with the 12:34/mi.... But atleast I did every 4min run/1min walk intervals without having to stop for extra 30sec walk breaks. I was impressed. The last 5 mins or so was just walking for a cool down because... because I haven't ran in two weeks.

When time change hits, I'm not sure how devoted I can be to getting up early. It will be something I will have to make myself continue to do after work in the afternoons, because, well, I don't like running in the dark. There was no light until 10 mins before my run was complete this morning. I kept looking at the houses here and there that had a light on and thinking "most people are still snuggled in bed right now."

It was cool this morning, but I still had a nasty sweat going on. Surprisingly I didn't struggle as much as I expected since I've been so lazy lately. I was thankful for each walk break, and able to push forward on each run. I was able to start my day healthy and happy! Such a great reward getting it over with early!!

After my run, I had 45 mins to get ready for work. As usual, I had my cereal in a cup on the way. Never have time to sit down and eat, except while driving.

My morning went super fast, and before I knew it lunch time was here. Good thing, because my stomach was almost in pain with all the hunger. My body had absorbed every bit of that cereal too quickly after my run.

Then it was time for errands during lunch, which consisted of turkey and spinach on sandwich thins, Special K Cracker chips, and a sunsweet ones :). Is this temperature even right? How is it only 88 degrees at 12:00PM in August in Ms?? It was pleasant.

 Aww Crap.
I tried to be good. Really I did. But passing this after lunch, I needed dessert. Darn Tax Accessor.
.25 got me this. I'd say perfect.
 Ok shoot me, I did it again. I was having the hunger pains again after work. My lunch was def not big enough to keep me full. A patient had a cherry limeade delivered, so of course my mouth WATERED for one. Cherry Limeade, extra cherries. and mozzeralla sticks :/ I know I know. It was impossible to wait an extra 7mins to pull in my driveway, to eat somewhat healthy. the food, and drink lasted 4 mins tops. Brain freeze. yes.

 So what was left to do? Eat the cherries and play with the limes. duh.

Tomorrow is day 3 of staying on schedule and it is a must. Wish me luck!
I'm trying to figure out my 405 garmin with the splits. I would rather it split at miles, not intervals. Can anyone help me figure out how to change it if it can be done? Thanks!

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  1. Good luck with waking up eary! I'm getting up at 7:15, so you're early morning is much earlier than mine! The cherry limeade looks like it was super refreshing! Sometimes you just gotta cave in. :)