Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hit it Hard

Reality check hit this morning. I have got to get serious about my eating, work out and running habits. and slack on the candy eating (I'm not completely giving it up). starting this week. Today started a new week so I'm getting on board and not playing around anymore.

Yesterday exhausted me, so my body let me sleep until my alarm went off at 8:45AM this morning for church. Talk about achievement! I started the day with delicious, whole wheat vegan waffles with blueberries and a wittle bit of syrup.

When I arrived at church, my sunday school class was already drilling me with "dress" questions! I stayed zipped. Another achievement.  After church, the parents and I went to eat Mexican. The only part of mexican in this meal was the seasoned grilled chicken and salsa on the salad. It was yummy too! I had only a bite of my moms rice. Normally I devour that rice. The cheese made this salad so much better.

Of course I had to take my usual Sunday afternoon nap! When I woke up, I was motivated by a twitter status to go workout! I needed somethign in my belly.. then I remembered the Melaleuca energy bars and sports drink I had gotten last week or so. 

I love chocolate, and like it alot when its paired with caramel. Hello Access bar :) Chocolate Caramel Kruncher. Most bars like this don't always taste good, so I was skeptical. 
Turns out....... ITS GOOD! The caramel was perfect with my chocolate bar. Happy mouth, happy girl. Thumbs up to the bar and the sports drink! Gosh I should get paid for all this advertisement.

Laced up my shoes and pumped for a workout now. These nasty things need a wash. White shoes are so not smart.

Hello gym, we meet again. You better treat me good, because we have got to become best friends throughout the next 6 months. No more playing. This is serious stuff now.

I started out my workout with the elliptical. Jamming to my tunes, and catching up on all the destruction of Irene on EVERY news channel.

Cardio- 20 min elliptical, 20 min bike
Inclined abs (x20, x15, x10, x5)
Back- machine row (3x12) 40lbs
lat pulldown (3x12) 40lbs
back extension (3x15) 80lbs
Shoulders- machine press (3x15) 35lbs
dumbell presses (3x12) 10lbs
front raises (3x12) 5lbs
side raises (3x12) 5lbs
Biceps- barbell curls (3x12) 20lbs
barbell reverse curls (x5) 20lbs (HARD)
dumbell curls (3x12) 10lbs
concentration curls (3x12) 10lbs
curl machine (3x12) 20lbs
hammercurls (3x12) 10lbs
Triceps- kickbacks (3x12) 10lbs
overhead extension (3x15) 15lbs
machine pushdowns (3x15) 40lbs

Whew! I was going hard and feeling great! Two hour workout. Boy I haven't been able to say that in months! Today I decided to go back to my training sheet from when I had a trainer for three months in the winter. I had to decrease some of the weights, but I will work back up to it!

Got home and loaded up on some protein to help these muskuls build and recover appropriately.

I still had some energy left, so I washed clothes, cleaned the kitchen, cooked my dinner, made lunch for tomorrow, and laid out my running clothes for the morning. since I'm DEFINITELY going and not sleeping in.
New running shorts!

 Dinner was blackened salmon with spinach salad with blueberries (obvious choice fruit of the day), onion straws, parmesan cheese, and poppyseed dressing drizzled. I think I had a healthy consumption of food today. Go me. No candy, only a 15 calorie orange sherbert popsicle for dessert.

Kardashians, then bed.

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  1. Ooooh those waffles look so so good! Great gym workout too!!

    Are you addicted to Nike Tempo shorts like I am? Just can't seem to get enough!!

    Have a great day!