Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend in a Nutshell

It has def been a busy weekend, and I don't have much time, so I'll go thru quick about my weekend starting Friday morning. Apples and cinnamon oatmeal and OJ to make me smile bright and early.

For lunch my new rehab director took the staff to lunch at a bed and breakfast mansion called Anchuca.
I devoured every bit of this food except for the piece of pretty lettuce under the fruit. Chicken salad on crossant, asparagus bisque, and fresh fruit. OOOH it was so good! Its pretty much a perfect lunch in my book. and it was free on top of that. Thanks Gary :)

For dinner I wanted pasta to prepare my body for my run Saturday morning. Chicken Alfredo with broccoli.

This little princess is Lexi. Remember, dogsitting has become pretty much a second job. This is my main girl who I have been keeping for about a year now, once a month for the weekend. Love love love her !

Saturday, Lexi and I started our day at 5:00AM. My Marathon Makeover group had planned to meet at 5:15. Well, 5:00 on a saturday morning is pretty freakin early enough for me. I got there about 5:40. Susan began without me, so I was dreading the start. Luckily Kim, our group leader, had waited around for the late folks and started her run with me. I had her for encouragement and chitchat for the first 3 miles or so. Thank goodness. I had 8miles on the agenda, and having her get me thru the first three was great!  I finished in good time too. 1:45, 13.07 pace. I was having stomach issues.
Luckily they happend to be building a house in the subdivision we ran in. I like to make friends during a run and all, but never expected this to be my best pal. 

I struggled really bad after 5.42 miles because obviously my stomach wasn't thru punishing me for whatever reason. By this time, I had no music (couldn't find my panasonic earbuds, and had to go with the crappy iphone ones) because of sweat blocking out the sound, and I decided to walk a while and call Andrew.  He got me thru about a mile just talking. I was able to run a couple of minutes after. I probably walked for 15 minutes or more. Talk about aggravating. I knew this run wouldn't be my best though because I had slacked off with everything going on in the last week.

But I finished, and felt great! I always look forward to the snacks they provide after a run and I knew pasta salad was on the menu again today! This will def be a recipe I get. I tried the Strawberry Banana HoneyMilk this time and it was pretty good! Saved the banana for lunch since I was full. and my stomach was screaming again. ugh. yeah, I know. It was dumb of me to eat this. but I needed to refuel and fast.

After eating this, and dealing with my stomach, I skipped my usual SmartOnes French Toast breakfast. I showered and went in to work to make up for missing Monday.  Then got ready for my hott date with my sweet friend Alison. We went to a place called Mint. My first time, her second.
 OH.MY.GOSH. Did I die and go to Heaven? Macaroni and Cheese Lollipops. Yes, fried macaroni balls.
The first time I had some similar was a Leah's wedding last summer. They were better, but these had an awesome sauce that made up for it!
For dinner, I ordered the Red Snapper topped with crabmeat over a corn salad. Corn salads seem to be popular this time of year. The fish was seasoned perfectly and had a little spice, so the corn was a perfect sweetness to cool it down. Ali had seared tuna that I didn't get a picture of. It was beautiful.

Next stop was the movie theater to see The Help. We had both read the book and LOVED every bit of it. The movie left out parts, but was made just as good as the book was written. It is def a must see. And is a true story written about Jackson, MS. Us little Mississippians are on the map. Watch out. Go see this movie. Now.

Everytime we go see a movie together we have to get popcorn. Seriously, I never get it unless I go to a movie with Alison. But since we always go after a big yummy meal, I go for the Kid's Feature that includes a small but perfect amount of popcorn, smothered in butter and popcorn salt (I over did it with the salt as you can see), a small drink, and fruit snack :) See, perfect.

So, I'm dogsitting right? I get home late, like midnight. and I hear beeping. I figure out it is the alarm box. The alarm is never set when I stay so I freaked out. I freaked out too early. I pushed buttons and tried to turn the stupid thing off, but I didn't help. and because I pushed too many buttons, it gave me a 20 second countdown. oh crap. Well, nothing happened, but the beeping continued. It continued until I opened the back door to make sure it was shut good and locked. At this time, the freakout moment happened when the entire house started screaming at me. "INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! LEAVE IMMEDIATELY!" This thing lasted about 5 minutes and really really hurt my ears. It finally went off. and I went to bed. Got up to let Lexie out this morning, and it happened again. and another time before I left for church, and again when I left. Twice more after church. Finally a security guy, I go to church with him, called me and helped me turn it off. The neighbors probably hate me now. Good thing I don't live there. After an increased heart rate and blood pressure, I could finally sit down for lunch. Half french dip, and half salad with grilled chicken, feta cheese, craisens, and almonds. and a pickle. yum.

A two hour nap to follow, and then wedding stuff. Its been a busy weekend, and now the week starts all over again. I have GOT to get up and run in the morning. and somehow part with my ring to get it sized at lunch :(((  NOOOOOOO. 

Until next time.. love love.

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