Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Funday.... kinda

 I did it! Woke up to run at 5:20. Go me. and walking outside and feeling the cool air was ahhhhmazing and a great reward for getting out of bed and not feeling smothered by the heat.

The run went good, with my usual 4/1 intervals, but at the third mile I caught a dang cramp in my side. Like stabbing pain. It hurt so bad to exhale so my breathing was in spurts for a couple minutes. I walked the rest of the way back to the car. Does anybody have any advice on how to stop the cramp pains?? Please help. I took a route that we take on Saturdays with MM group. It was a nice change up from the regular straight forward loop around the lake. The hills slow me down tho, so I end up walking 30 seconds here and there.
 I can def say my endurance is better and my breathing also. I can tolerate much more than I ever expected. A few weeks ago I wanted to shoot myself for signing up for the half marathon in October, but now I can't wait because I KNOW I can do it! I'm excited to do it!

Back home, I grabbed a SmartOnes eggs, ham, and hashbrown breakfast. It was ok.. I drizzled some syrup to add some taste. Paired with OJ :)

Lunch was chicken salad with craisens on sandwich thins, with a few trisquets. I had a terrible lunch break because of disappointing news, so I didn't have much of an appetite. Looks nasty, but it did taste good.

Now to the FUNDAY! I started a registry! This was SOOO much fun, but I def wish that amazing fiance of mine could have been there firing that gun with me.
Such a power peice of electronics. I kept finding things to "shoot" but held back since Andrew and I haven't gotten to decide together what we want. I just picked the girly stuff.... dishes, towels, pewter, and some little things too.

Dinner was spinach salad with blueberries, onion straws, and poppyseed dressing. and only my FAVORITE crockpot chicken recipe with tons of stuff like stuffing topping, swiss cheese, cream of mushroom/chicken soup.... mmmmmm

Catching up on Bachelor Pad and watching wedding videos so I can pick a videographer. Bedtime, since I'm running again in the AM.


  1. Was the cramp high up by your ribs or low by your hips?

  2. I seriously don't know how you are still waking up this early!!

  3. Ok I've been told in the past if it's a low cramp, you're dehydrated or not fueling appropriately. If it's high, you're just running too fast & you're lungs are working too hard. If that's the case, slow your pace for the next week or two of runs, and you should be much happier running. Hope this helps!!

  4. Nice to find your blog! It looks like you and I are running around the same pace. I do the run/walk intervals, it's the only way I can do the longer distances! Is that a Garmin that you use?