Saturday, August 27, 2011

I've Found Love Twice!

Let me start by saying that I should change my blog title. Running Nonstop isn't happening lately. I find so much more to do with my time than to devote it to running. Is it normal that I'm planning a wedding and letting it consume my life? I hope so, cause its so much fun!! I get stressed so easily, and I know that eventually running will be the best thing to burn off stress... but right now I'm going stressfree for the most part.

I was suppose to run early this morning and cut it short since I was going dress shopping. Well....... that didn't happen. Last night when we decided we needed to leave at 7:45ish, I realized it wouldn't be worth the drive to only do about 3 miles and RUSH home to get ready for the day. So, I slept in. until 6:45. Sad that I consider that sleeping in on Saturday huh?!

Well we left the house before 8:00 and hit the road to Brookhaven, MS to go WEDDING DRESS shopping! I took my mom and mother-in-law to be! That drive could not have gone any better than it did. We talked the entire time and it made time fly by. Good thing because I would have gone crazy!!

Luckily I made my appointment the week I came back from getting engaged in SC :) They got me in at 9:30! and of course we got there at 9:15 and ended their morning meeting they were finishing early since we barged right in.

The first 30 mins of the appointment was all about Nicole. and I loved it! Then all these other people started showing up trying on dresses and raining on my parade of everyone looking at ME when I threw back the curtain. How dare them.

I fell in like with the very first dress I put on. This wigged me out a little considering I have heard its either the 1st or 3rd dress that brides pick. After about 10 dresses I had two favorites. The first one was put back on and I automatically started finding things I didn't like about it that I liked better in the other dress. Talk about confused now. So we kept going. Dress 14 or 15 was on and zipped. Fitting in a dress two sizes too small, we got it zipped and I stepped out to take a look. As soon as I looked in the mirror, the urge to cry tickled. Then I just stared at it. Every detail. and then stepped on and off to see how it looked up close and far away.
I didn't want to take it off. This was a cue for my bridal consultant. She asked "Do you want to see it with a veil?" As soon as it was in place, it came out. It wasn't an ugly cry... I tried to contain myself since there were so many people around. The veil was the perfect extra it needed. Did I really have to take it off? The only plus of taking it off was the fact that I could actually breathe again! Remember this sample was two sizes too small. After feeling beautiful, they put me in other sizes of the same designer. I def realized even more how perfect my dress is! The others were soooooo... we'll say, less pretty.

This is Shelia my bridal consultant! This lady was beyond awesome and the best staffed person there. My mom and MIL said that several times seeing how all of the other staff acted compared to Shelia. We were extremely pleased with how she helped us and took care of things to make this day amazingly memorable.

Yes I made her take about four pictures. These were the two best, and the second one she was lacking the smile, so I had to show her smile in the first one so you would know she liked me. After we found THE dress, we went back to the dressing room for measurements. I told her our engagement story and how perfect Andrew made everything. She got goosebumps, and almost cried. That makes my day every day to get reactions like that. I love bragging on Andrew :) maybe too much. but oh well.. shoot me. I'm just happy to know I'm marrying a man that can be romantic. Lets hope he doesn't lose the touch after the big day!!

After shopping for 3 hours, we were starving! The adrenaline I had all morning had worn off and I also felt exhausted! My body need food. and fast.

We drove down the road a little ways to a sandwich place the girls at the shop suggested.

Broma's had everything from yummy sandwiches, soups, salads, and spuds. Like our McAlisters. But a difference in taste for sure.

I ordered the Broma's Melt (Roast Beef, cheddar cheese melted, dressed how you like it, no tomatoes of course, on croissant), broma's chips (homemade, with ranch to dip) with a pickle on the side.
I've decided anytime the restaurants name is on a dish, its a must eat. Because obviously its good enough to have that name over everything else. I fully enjoyed eating this not so healthy meal.. It was a celebration lunch as an excuse. I ate all but 3 chips. They were irrestible with that ranch.

After lunch we went back to the bridal shop to skim through bridesmaid dresses and mothers dresses. No luck, so we left and headed home. Then on the road I realized I didn't get a single picture with my dress. I guess I'll be saving that for the fitting appointment. It will make my decision all that easier to keep the dress a secret until 3.10.12. Nobody is getting me to crack. Nobody. (fingers crossed)

We also forgot to get a group shot! So we stopped back at the area we ate lunch to get a pic. My car doesn't know how to focus as well as I do.. Oh well, it did the job.

Mom, myself, and Mrs. Charlotte (MIL)

Dinner was a must. Especially since eating was prolonged by my pretend blondeheadedness and left the house this morning with my house keys on my desk. Fabulous. I had to interupt a banquet at church to get my moms. Then I microwaved Lean Cuizine BBQ chicken pizza since I was on my own for dinner. Yummy!

Its almost 9:00PM on a Saturday night.... Sweet Home Alabama it is.... then bed!

Oh wait! In case anyone has worried about Andrew being on the East Coast...... He is safe and happy! The weather bypassed Charleston and spared them lots of extra work and loss of electricity. He did get called into work today to "clean up" since he does landscaping. Overtime baby!

Friday morning he sent me these pics at the beach he was working at in Edisto..

and this video.

and the ending to his day? Only a beautiful creation from God!

I'm so thankful my honeyboo is safe and sound!

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