Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Roadtrip to Biloxi!

This past weekend a group of us went down to the coast to see my bro-in-law to be since he is down there for school right now. The airforce is shipping him to ITALY in December for 2 years, so we wanted to go have a little fun before he has to leave.

Brittany, Amanda, and I headed down to Biloxi Friday after work.

We picked up Rob and Will since they were on the way, and met up with Rob's roommate Justin, his gf Ashlyn, and her roommate Sarah. Adam and his gf, Shawna, were already there waiting. As soon as we got to Biloxi, we headed to the Hard Rock for some dancen! Adam (my BIL) got us VIP...... cause he is just that important and he can do that.
 This two are my loves :) They will also be in the wedding! Britt is Maid of Honor (whoop!) and Amanda is a Bridesmaid!! I love my girls.
 This is the whole group. Yeah we love pictures. I'm saving you the boredom of looking thru them alllll. They are on fb tho.
 This shot took all of 58382958439 times thanks to random drunk people taking it sideways. you were so much help.
 My favorite picture of the night! How we didn't get kicked out of this place before we could make it outside I do not know. The boys decided to play "jump in the elevator" and beat on the walls to make music. I have cool friends. I promise. and these faces are just priceless.
 Cause we were at the Hard Rock and all.

Next stop was Ship Island! On Saturday, after a full 3-4 hours of sleep, we all got up and caught the ferry at 9:00 to an island about 20 miles off the coast. We got lost, and did some illegal things with road blockers. But we didn't get arrested. Always a plus to have a clean record. We didn't think we would make it by 9, but we did.

This is after departing and headed to Ship Island.
My Britt

We see LAND!
The beautiful MS Coast people we had the pleasure of sharing the ferry with.

We're here!!! this was followed with a mile walk to the beach.
 You love my cheesing smile don't you. I couldn't not put one of myself up.
 One view of the line up, and the other. Amanda was in the middle and didn't post the pic I had taken of here, therefore, she does not exist at this time in the post.  btw- some of these pics are Amandas. Can you tell that we are obsessed with Instagram??? Its a iphone app that changes the look of pic. Love.
Want some history on Ship Island? Sure you do. The island was named in 1699 by French explorers who liked the protected, deep-water anchorage it offered their ships. The island soon became an important port for French Louisiana. Many colonists took their first steps on American soil at Ship Island and it is considered the "Plymouth Rock" of the Gulf Coast. A fort was built as protection and people can go in and tour, or really just look around and take pictures.

and we headed back at 5:00....
 That day completely drained us so Saturday night wasn't all that interesting. We all napped and then got ready for dinner and drove around for an hour trying to find a seafood place open at 9:30. We finally ended up going to Boomtown for CRAB LEGS.
I love it how this pic is extra big. It was extra important to show you the yumminess I filled my belly with.

Sunday, we all slept in! Then got up to check out of the hotel at 11:00 and headed for lunch at a place featured on Food Network, not once, but twice. Guy Fieri did Diner, Drive-ins, and Dives I do believe, and they were also on a BBQ cook off show. It's called.... The Shed. A complete hole in the wall. but delicious.

 The inside was pretty cool I guess. I would have been rich if I had taken all the dolladolla bills off the ceiling.

We shopped after lunch, and I visited Andrew's grandmother to show off my pretty pretty rang. Then we headed home. Road trips are fun, but pictures like this make it even better.

I was so sleepy when I finally got home that I said screw putting on clean sheets that were laying there and climbed in my bed under my comforter. Oh and I have yet to run or workout since LAST Monday. My goal is either a run or a workout before work tomorrow. Heck, I even have clothes in my car to hit the gym after work. Lets see if that happens. 

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