Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Delivered Goodies and a Workout!

After hitting my alarm off at 5:15AM, then setting it for 6:30 and then snoozing until 6:45, I was completely bummed and disappointed with myself for yet again skipping a morning run. I haven't ran since last Monday. Seriously what is my problem??? I have not been motivated whatsoever. After getting in the shower, I washed all my disappointment away and threw my running clothes in a gym bag since they were already laid out. Wednesday is not a crosstraining day with my Marathon Makeover schedule, but I decided to change it up this week to get my groove back.

Monday: failed.
Tuesday: arm workout. and inclined abs
                  dumbell curls (3x12) 10lb
                  concentration curls (3x12) 10lb
                  hammercurls (3x12) 10lb
                  curl machine (3x12) 20lb
                  tricep kickbacks (3x12) 10lb
                  overhead extension (3x15) 15lb
                  v-bar push downs (3x12) 30lb?
                  front shoulder raises (3x12) 5lb
                  side shoulder raises (3x12) 5lb
Wednesday: AM run!
Thursday; AM run!!!
Friday: another crosstraining day with arms, abs, and cardio?
Saturday: 5ish mile run in the AM with MM group and leave early (suppose to do 8-9mi) to go DRESS SHOPPING!!

After work I headed straight to the gym to get my arm pump on. Pumped! It was very successful and I feel so good after finally getting in a good workout even if it didn't involve cardio.

Yes, I am a voter.... so I casted my vote. I got home and went threw my Melaleaca products that arrived yesterday! It was filled with protein shake, toothpaste, energy drink, vitamins, and energy bars.

Since I had just had a workout, I decided to try out the protein shake. It was dutch chocolate and it was good! It tasted just like chocolate milk. and this made me happy. I also had a piece of cheese. Cowpals are awesome. I didn't just have one, I had two. and pieces of crabmeat. the fake stuff of course.

If I have time before bed, I'll be flipping through these two things :)) I have had a break for a couple of days and ready to get back in to it! Do you blame me??

Dinner was salmon patties (covered in ranch), a test crabmeat pattie, and baked/seasoned squash and zucchinni sticks. 

Dessert.... Jelly Bellys!
This bag was full when we picked the guys up on the way to the coast Friday night. Ooops. I had long road trips and have to have candy to survive. Yes I'm serious.

Now lets see if I can get in the bed at a proper time so I can convince myself to get out of bed at 5:15 to run. Dont bash me if I don't.

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  1. Way to go girl! Thanks for listing your work out, because it gives me ideas for things to do on my strength days. Good luck tomorrow at getting out of bed at 5:15! You can do it!