Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Friday Layout

Workout? None. It was a "rest day" on my training schedule, and I'm always scared if I go to the gym or do any cardio on Friday's, I will over do it and wimp out on my long run the next morning. So, this is what my Friday consisted of........
Whole wheat blueberry waffles for breakfast

A morning that FLEW by because we are so busy, then a joy ride at lunch to pick up my thank you cards, which I did not get bc the owner had split early for the day. Oh well, it was beautiful weather!

I did say joy ride, right? Because that's what I did until I had to go back to work for a pizza party for a pharmacy tech leaving us to be an RN.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes my favorite food of all time. I completely sinned eating this because I had more than my fair share. (insert pic of my plate with too many pieces. oops)

We go crazy and have a party for ANYTHING at work. Hello, this is a fairwell lunch because someone quit. You remember my two co-workers that quit a month ago right. Yeah one came back!

Anyway I made a point to tell them they better go all out with a big shabang when I head out in March. Complete with balloons and all the pizza I can stuff in my body. Not really, I asked for something a bit healthier since I will have to fit in a wedding dress at that time. And then it will be all about NICOLE!

As pretty and yummy as this looks, I def resisted after eating my weight in pizza.
 I opted for the healthier choice. This was taken after I had eaten half of it.

After an extremely busy afternoon, I got a call that my pottery piece was in!! Love love love! Def going back for another in the same color but looks like a small bowl.. better yet, I may just register there because I can't help myself with wanting it all.

Came home to a package I've been expecting!!

My second box of Melaleuca products!! I can't get enough of this stuff. I actually ordered a value pack with 54 items in it Friday night. I def love how everything is "green" and completely safe. If your interested in hearing about what Melaleuca is about just email me and I will be more than happy to get you information!
Crackers, snack bars, bar soap, detergient, lotion, mascara, hairspray, deodorant, hand soap, meds...
 My parents were oh so kind and let me join in on their weekly Friday night date night.

Since I had a long run Saturday, I needed carbs. Pasta, pasta, pasta. Crawfish creole pasta to be exact.

It was delicious! Then it was bedtime since 5:00AM was the start to Saturday. Too bad I didn't get to sleep until almost midnight. Oh what a long but good day it was......

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