Sunday, July 17, 2011

But I want one too....

Obsession of reading blogs is an understatement. I finally decided to jump in and start one of my own after wanting one for awhile. It was beginning to stress me out, so I gave in and clicked Create Blog. and here I am!

The main purpose of this blog is to keep me accountable for training for my first Half Marathon!!! Put it this way- I just started training a little over a month ago and just recently got started training with Marathon Makeover. I am not a runner, nor have I EVER been one. In high school I was the fat cheerleader girl that walked behind the bleachers to hyperventilate during ONE mile. My best friend Leah is to blame for getting me in this mess. She begged and begged. I laughed in her face in December when she asked me to do one in April. When that passed and she asked again for October I turned stupid gave in.

Leah and her stepdad after her first HALF!
After signing up for the race, I have started reading as much as I can to be educated on what I need to know. What I have learned?::: Running is EXPENSIVE! Atleast the first year. Shopping is irresistible, so of course I had to get the essentials! Clothing, heatgear socks (hello I live in MS), body glide, arm band for my phone/ipod, and my most prized possession my GARMIN!
Yes, I have opened it AND used it since this pic was taken. I'm not posting a recent pic because my pace sucked I deleted it from my phone. I will just say I have a LONG way to go to reach my goal of a 9min/mile. Right now, I am trying to do 4min run, 1min walk and stick to it. I struggled yesterday during my 6 mile training. By mile 5 I was extremely nauseated and took more walk breaks. I'll get there. It just takes patience and determination! I am definately strengthing my prayer life doing this training! I beg talk to God ALOT to get to a certain point and help me push myself and not give up.

My running schedule is Monday-40 min, Tuesday-30 min, Thursday-40, Saturday-long runs with Marathon Makeover group! During the week I will be running with Susan. She did her first half in April and is doing the same race in October but she is being a big dawg and going for the FULL! Go Susan!

Wish me luck and throw out some encouragement my way! It's much appreciated!


  1. I love your first post!! I need to get my training act together. I am going to try to get up at 5:30 in the morning and run before work. We'll see. :)

  2. Just found your blog and you are just the sweetest thing! Finally I can follow a running blog on the east coast since I live in Tennessee. I'm sooooo looking forward to reading more!