Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ya Girl is RUNNAN!

Boy oh boy was I SO proud of myself after yesterdays run! Luckily I had a group to run with and a person here and there to keep me going, cause my slacker friend Susan ditched me for her bed and sleepy time. She says she slept thru her alarm. She also slept thru my phone call and text. A phone on "silent" just isn't loud enough. Oh well. I did my run without her and I know I don't have to rely on someone else to push me!

I got up at 5:15 to meet the group at 6:00AM in town. I tried to protect my blister with THREE bandaids. They all sucked and came off midrun. Luckily it didn't hurt. I was able to pull thru with a pretty good pace. I was happy with my time! Because of a couple of different reasons to stop my watch, I did. So add about 10mins to my timing. I'm still happy with it.

Talking with Leah the other day, we decided that the first three miles are the hardest and after you get past that, it gets easier. So true! At one point I looked at my watch and was feeling mighty good at 5.25 miles! Surprisingly I was cruising good. Unfortunately, downtown in this town is completely up and down hill. I booked it down hill everytime to make up time for walking uphill so much. Atleast its getting easier each time with the hills!

The other day I mentioned "weird things about running". What I learned from yesterdays run?..... the "getting a cramp out" thing did NOT work and I felt like an idiot exhaling and stomping to get it out. I could not even tell that it eased it. So, tell me if it works for you. Also, I smelled like a SEWER. Somehow, at 5:15 in the morning I remembered to crab a towel this week. Normally I slip and slid of my leather seats and drip drip drip. Disgusting.

ANYWAY- Chocolate milk was the first thing gulped after. I chowed down on my normal Saturday after run breakfast. MMMMM.

Then I had to hurry to get ready for a special little girls four year old birthday party!
My wrapping was fab if I do say so myself. Saylee Grace thought the present was fab too. I didn't hear her yell as loud at anybody else's gifts! Score :) I'll toot my own horn......... TOOT TOOT.

Because I don't want to use last names, we will call these my "B" babies! I love them all way too much.
Birthday Girl all hot and sweaty from playing in the Moon Bounce!

Mary Morgan

John Thomas and his ice cream face

As soon as the party was over, I drove over to hang out/shop with Jessica!

And looky what I found! and bought. Darn cost of running. OH WELL!
Got my SPIbelt! and some socks to prevent blisters.

I miss my girl so much and can't wait to have a sleep over Wednesday night :)) She is letting me share her bed so I have a quicker trip to the airport at 5AM to see ANDREW! What a pal!

Then I went to see Leah and Joseph.
And we made it an all night thing! Not seeing those two every month like old times hurts my heart when I think about it. I love yall! Joseph slaved over some yummy enchilada casserole, mexican rice, and refried beans! Then cookies for dessert. I enjoyed the yumminess a little too much! It felt good to branch out of my everyday menus!

Then we watched The Last Song! Joseph was such a trooper with the chick flick! You may applaud.
They know how to treat their moochers guests. Woke up and had a yummy breakfast! <insert pic of: Peanut butter toast, scrambled eggs, and turkey bacon>

Then Leah thru her back out :(( Just know, she couldn't move all day. Finally about 2 hours ago she was able to walk around, with LOTS of pain. I hated leaving her in the bed with a heating pad and ice pack all by herself so that I could go to work. She has survived, but hobbling I'm sure.

So... work, then shoe shopping! I'm so excited to wear these babies! Way comfortable too!

Now my night is ending with Men Tell All on the Bachelorette!

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