Thursday, July 21, 2011

Refueling to Sugarcoma

Workout:: 40min run/walk in PM

My running partner bailed for our run this AM last night, so I lost all motivation to get up early. Now I can see how working out gets addictive because I was kicking myself all day for not going and getting it over with! Constantly all day I debated on whether to go after work. The longer the day went on, the worse I started feeling. My legs from the knee down were killing me. My only reasoning for it is muscle fatigue from all the running lately and also being on my feet for 8+ hours a day at work.

My morning flew by! However, only seeing 3 patients before lunch was killer because I knew I still had 5 before I could leave. To brighten my day, I filled up on CARBS! Subway is awesome and never, ever lets me down. However today, they put this nasty piece of grossness on my sandwich. Luckily I saw it before I attacked it.
Pepper. No thanks.
I keep hearing that throughout the week, runners should drink at least one sports drink to boost up with electrolytes. I found the Powerade Zero that has zero calories :) 32oz all mine. It was delic too!
Andrew (Ace aka the boyfriend) makes fun of the way I drink out of bottles. He says it looks like I'm forcing it. I jus have a good grip on it :)

Then I started having these candy cravings thanks to hearing so much about candy from HungryRunnerGirl lately. Fruity/Sour candy is my all time FAVORITE! Although at certain times of the month I eat chocolate like its going out of style.
ACE loves these :)
Today, I lost all control when I saw .98 sign.

All this new info I'm learning is making me spend lots of money again..... well, maybe not lots, but still money. I loaded up on refueling goodies. I tried the vanilla bean gel after my last long run and it wasnt too bad. You take the gels like a pill. Chase with water. The Jelly Belly beans are awesomeness!!!! I couldnt resist trying the fruit punch pack before I could get home to take a picture. Oh well, now I have had my sugar for the night and feel no need for the theater box sizes I bought.

After finally getting home (I'm dogsitting, so its someone elses home) I didn't think twice about it. After a back and forth debat in my head for seriously six hours, I changed into running clothes and hit the road. It rained most of the afternoon, so it cooled off nice outside. Otherwise I would have fainted after 15 mins. Again, my garmin was locked so I was unable to use it for todays run. Schedule for today was 40 mins. After the crappy way my legs were feeling, I probably did just as much walking as I did running. Atleast I went, get off my back already. I was DETERMINED to do 40 mins today whether I had to drag my feet walking the entire time. Luckily I didn't have to. and of course after finishing I felt so good.

I felt good, but my legs were still killing me. A solution to my problem? A hot shower, and this stuff!
My mom got it for me for Christmas and it helps achy legs so so much. Works like icyhot....

So, I'm dogsitting.... its like a second job for me kind of. Started off keeping one dog, and now I keep for three families at varius times. One family is moving, so I picked up a new one tonight. Three is my limit cause I don't want it to be an every weekend job. I have to sometimes pretend like I have a life.

Anyway, this is Freddie and Bartok. Super sweet, precious, lovable little bugs. I'm gonna hang with them the rest of the night.. 

Missing one eye.... blind in the other.
Bless his wittle baby heart


  1. those sport beans are soo good. you should try the cliff shot blocks, they're my favorite!

  2. Nicole,

    I saw you on Skinnyrunner and decided to follow. Where are you? I noticed a gamecock on your bf (maybe hubby) hat and although I'm Clemson (sorry) it made me think you're close. I live in greenville - anywhere near here?

  3. cute blog :) found you thru skinnyrunner! Janae @ hungryrunnergirl def has a way of making you crave sweets, doesn't she? haha :)

  4. Hey There! Glad I found your blog! If I don't get up and go in the am for my workout I do the same thing. Back and forth all day long. Maybe we can motivate each other! Hope you are having a great weekend.