Thursday, July 21, 2011

Forerunner 405

Ok I need your help. I have used my garmin only twice. Reason being.. After the second time I brought it home and left it off of the charger all day. When I got home, the screen was frozen to "Power Save in 0". It's stuck. And I can't get it to unlock. I have read the manual and the instructions it gives me did NOT work. No buttons work. I also tried looking up stuff on YouTube and google blah blah.

Does anybody out there have one that can tell me how to fix this expensive thing that I have only used twice??!!! HELP!!!


  1. Eeek! This doesn't make me want to buy one now. haha. Umm, email skinnyrunner and ask her..I am sure she knows what to do :)

  2. Looks like you got this fixed. Just in case it happens again, there's a "master reset" feature you can activate by pushing two buttons. This video may help. ( I have the same watch as you.