Thursday, July 28, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Workout:: 30min run, 2.42mi

Amazingly I hopped out of bed today at 5:20 to meet Susan at the park to run this morning. Clothes I had layed out made me feel fun. at 5:30 in the moanan. So you get the privilege of seeing my no makeup face. Lucky you.... that doesn't happen often.

I laced up my shoes and could already feel the blister rubbing. ugh.. I kept the same bandaid on yesterday (oh like you don't do that) because it was the only one left that was sweat resistant. Gotta do what ya gotta do. I layered another cheaper bandaid on top of the other one, hoping it would hold. Anyway, it still didn't work. We were trucking along for about 10 mins after our warmup and it was rubbing. I tried not to pay attention because the wind was blowing and it was actually cool outside! Well, cool for summer. in MS. I also had tummy troubles and THAT uncomfortable feeling was inconvenient. So, when I got home I realized this-

Fun times! Not. It actually got blood on my sock and my brand new shoe! But I did make it through my run so no complaining Nicole!
Did close to 3mi with our warmup walk before watches started
I kept a good pace and didn't feel miserable at '2min remaining" as I usually do. It makes me so happy to see my progress with how it gets a little easier each time. My legs and feet don't scream at me nonstop anymore. Incorporating hills has got to be helping too. They get easier each time, and I don't huff and puff as badly. I try so hard to concentrate on diaphramatic breathing (expanding the belly, not chest). Breathing only out of my nose is also helping keep my lungs full too. When I would attempt to run before all my training, I would mouth breath and that would shoot me down fast. I would last 2mins at the most. I have come so far and it makes my heart smile every day knowing that I did it again!! Progress, progress progress. FYI, this Saturday we do 8-9 miles! And the full trainers are on a fall back week so I will have my running partner the entire time!!!

I started my morning with a SmartOnes breakfast sandwich and some OJ - in the 100% huggable mug :) ha

My morning at work was pretty slow with patients and crazy with trying to pull off a "secret" going away party for two of my co-workers. Because I knew what the boss was planning to BUY for lunch, and it was free, I packed some veggies to eat with my lunch so I could limit the massive amount of slices of pizza I wanted.
If you follow long enough, you will soon realize that no matter how hard I try, I can NOT resist pizza. It is my all time favorite food to eat! I'm just trying to be smarter about it now. When I crave it, I like to buy a Lean Cuizine pizza and it works great.

Of course we had to have cake to "celebrate".

It's not much of a celebration for me because I'm gonna miss these two tons. We have lost several people in our therapy department in the last year. So this leaves me left of the original.

I did good right? Hey, I try.

Well, after all this yumminess the afternoon went sour. The monthly monster showed up and made me feel AWFUL. I was so so thankful I got my run in early this morning and had the rest of the day and all day tomorrow to rest and be lazy cause I felt like ish. Boo Eve for eating that dang apple.
I left work an hour early and immediately went straight home and got in my comfy clothes. Gotta love the boyfriends old shirts :) I feel loved and comforted even tho he is not here when I feel bad.

After medicine and sleeping for a few mins I felt a little better. And mom made her chicken and dumplings (my fav). Can't get much better than that for dinner!

Squirrel loves it too. My dog isn't spoiled. What? You don't feed yours his own portion too? Mom doesn't like to share her leftovers. and I def don't.
I keep forgetting to tell some exciting news! One of my best friends, Courtney, is expecting her first baby! She is 5months and so so freakin cute! We found out Tuesday she is having a GIRL-Katie Lauren! She is gonna be such a great momma. I love you Court!

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