Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Solo Run and EATS!

Workout:: 30min run- 2.47mi -somewhat hilly

This morning I got a text from Susan saying she was still having pain in her foot and was going to stay off of it for the day. Boo. That meant I had to make the decision to get off my lazy butt out of bed and fly solo. Don't think I'm joking when I tell you there was some serious debating in this head. When I realized I'd be in the same boat as yesterday, dreading the run after work, I jumped up at 5:30 and headed out.

For my solo runs, I go to a neighborhood about 7mins from my house. Its really big and there are many different routes to take to change it up. It's also where my MM group does our long runs on Saturdays. I was doing great, until the blister that starting forming yesterday from the new running shoes rubbed and rubbed until it was painful.
It felt worse than it looks

My idiot self forgot about a bandaid so I was out of luck. All I could think was "Great, another day of walking. I'm gonna be behind". However, when I tried walking, it actually hurt worse! So, it was what kept me going. I was still slow with 12:16/mi. Call me slow-poke but whatever. I'm proud of myself for dragging my booty out of bed and going by myself AND running with only 1min walk breaks. I really stuck to the 4/1 today. Go me! What stinks is when I was running, I started feeling some pain in both my achillies tendons. Not bad, just uncomfortable. It def concerned me, so when I got to work, I asked my PT (I am a PTA) what was going on and what I could do to fix it. He worked with me a little and showed me some stretches. As the day went on the pain moved from my achillies into the top of my heel. Of course I complained, and he said to give it a day. The pain "moved" so we will see if it was a good or bad move. Its way to early in the game to have an injury. I CAN NOT AFFORD A SETBACK! I'm done complaining for now and will celebrate that I ran good this morning :)

Just a warning...... The following pics are of todays eats. It may not be your favorite, but my day wasn't that interesting much like my life.
  • Breakfast: wheat toast with peanut butter and sliced banana. yes :)
  • def winner!
  • Lunch: spinach salad with rotisseri chicken, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. I also sprinkled a little Parmesan cheese. and topped it with Poppyseed dressing! Bought it yesterday and it is more of a vinegarette unlike the other one in our fridge.
  • I get a little crazy with my fruits!
    Bertiful :))
  • Snacks: Hershey's DARK chocolate (my fav!!!!), and Skinny Cow crisp candy bar.
  • Dinner: Salmon topped with MY mango salsa (yes I contributed to this meal. I don't completely mooch), moms sauteed squash, and cherries of course.
I figured now was as good of a time as any to introduce you to my dog Squirrel....
He isn't so much in to pictures as I am
His story? Sure I'll tell you.
Squirrel was my little cousin JR's dog since he was a puppy. He got his name because of how fast he could run, and when he curls up to sleep he looks like a wittle squirrel with his curly tail. He is a Pomeranian/Chihuahua mix. I thought he was the ugliest and meanest dog every when we would visit. All he did was bark and growl. Then one day my grandparents decided JR needed to get rid of him because he wasn't taking care of him like he should have. My dad thought he should "stay in the family", so on a Father's Day about 4 years ago we brought him home. Now I can't imagine I how ever thought he was ugly! He is my snuggle buddy at night..... I welcome is body heat in the winter. My parents and I argue about who he is going to sleep with every night now that it is summer. Little bug just wants love. 

What kind of animals do you have?
       -I also have a cat named Macie that we rescued LAST Fathers day when she was only 7 weeks old!  
         She will be another post for another day. 

Do you like running alone or with a partner better?
       -Running with someone is ALWAYS better. Even if you can't talk bc of the huffing and puffing.


  1. Some days I prefer to run with someone, because it keeps me motivated to keep going. Other days I like to run alone, because I enjoy doing random intervals, as in all the sudden I'll feel the need to sprint for a minute. That gets a little awkward when you are cruising at a normal pace with someone and then you try and nonchalantly get them to pick up the pace, and then of course awkwardly slow down again :o).

  2. Way to get out there by yourself all bright and early!

    No matter what your pace is, you are lapping everybody who is still in bed!

  3. You solo ran at 5:30 in the morning!?!? You are a beast, THATS commitment! Go girl.

  4. Your meals look so yum! I also have a pet, we have a puppy and we still live in an apartment, we are looking for a house because our puppy is growing pretty fast!

  5. GIRL...you are absolutely gorgeous!! Bummer about the running partner. I am half and half...sometimes I like being on my own and sometimes I NEED someone to go with me:) That is awesome that you got out and went on your own so early!