Friday, July 29, 2011


Too bad it wasn't payday or I would be a little more excited. No workout today because it was REST DAY.

I started my morning off with Multi-grain Cherrios with blueberries. Yummm!

Obviously I was sinning when I went thru the Wendy's drive-thru at lunch. I just bought this a month ago. Maybe I should make it a habit to fill in my check register instead of cramming receipts in there.

Lunch was good tho. Grilled chicken go-wrap. the sauce on it was ahhhhmazing!

Had a Berry-Almond Chicken Half Salad also :)

After work, I did some shopping for a special little girl who turns FOUR tomorrow. We get to play in a moon bounce thing and all. Yes, I'm gonna reach inside for my inner child and go nuts! I came out of the store with two more boxes of candy. This was the remains of the Sour Patch Kids. I was sad when I realized they were almost gone. Got even more sad when I thought about how much I just ate.

I also got home and hate the Jolly Rancher gummies too. No more candy for me.

Dinner helped me load up on carbs for my long run tomorrow! We are doing 8.5miles (including warmup) so I had Chicken Parmesan pasta and a GRAPE Powerade Zero :)
Tonight I watched the last Marathon Makeover Dvd (weeks 9-10). It talked about 'Wierd things about running'. Here's the breakdown on what I learned....
  • The fabric that running close is made of is going to stink. No use in wearing deodorant because your still not going to smell like roses. The technical fabric pulls moisture from your skin, and it sticks to the material. Gross. But awesome.
  • After you finish a long distance run, you will notice salt on your skin? Apparently you can just wipe a hand over your skin and salt will just fall off. I'm waiting to see this happen. I'm fascinated.
  • Pains in your side? Well, first everyone knows to take deep breaths in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Next, exhale FORCEFULLY as your opposite foot strikes the ground. It will take the pain away most of the time. Yeah, I'm totally giving this a try tomorrow morning because I don't go on a single run that I don't get a cramp in my side. I hear its from your colon and diaphragm slamming against each other and that causes the pain. weird.

I have such a busy weekend starting at 5:15 in the moanan so I need my beauty rest. Macie (our cat we rescued on Fathers Day last year) is already getting hers I guess.

Hope your Friday night is more fun than mine!

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