Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Always Obey Signs

Workout:: 3miles/30min

This morning started bright dark and early at 5:30 again. I tried to take a picture of the hott mess I looked, but it was so humid that the camera fogged up. Turned out angelic with a glow and all :)
I kept up with Susan much better today by concentrating on my breathing hardcore! I huffed and puffed wayyy to much yesterday. Today, I went in determined to stick with her. Our fastest pace was 7:58!! I knew we booked it starting out but didn't realize it was that fast. Go us!! She ran ahead only once the entire time I think and I caught up quick. Luckily we all have to pee once and a while so I lucked up and got to walk a little longer at one point so she didn't bust.  

A positive for early morning runs! Seeing Gods beauty!!

So, last night I realized I was possibly carb deprived. The parents are dieting and we never have bread anymore, unless I eat a sandwich - which is never. Mom was cooking dinner last night (deer sausage) and I walked in thinking it was pancakes! Complete disappointment, until I bit into that wrap! Anyway, today for lunch I decided to induldge in carb goodness and feel guilt free! My friend Ashley that is moving got a few of us together for lunch downtown today to say our final "see ya later". Ordered the Shrimp Poboy and devoured it. I never eat the bread, just pick out the inside. Today I CRAVED bread, so there was not a crumb left on the plate <insert empty plate picture here>.

and of course its always a favorite to ask a complete stranger to take a group pic. Have to have one. Duh. You know me and my picture obsession! I just love capturing all the memories I can get!

Britt, Amanda, Swillie (Ashley), and myself

You know those people that park in handicapped spaces that arent handicapped, or park in front of no parking zones..... yeah. That'd me my car.
I realized it after I sat down and a friend commented on it. I'd rather not pay for a towed car, so I moved it. a mile up the hill. in Egypt.
P.S. I don't park in handicapped spaces. But LOVE going places with my grandmother cause she can :)

Tomorrow is cross-training day. That means....... SLEEPING IN!

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