Monday, July 25, 2011

It's Only Monday

Workout:: 49min run/WALK- 3.27mi

This morning Susan and I decided (at 5:15) to skip out on running until this afternoon. It has been raining here for two days constantly, and it was still rainy and wet and 50% chance of more to come. So, again I got to sleep in! I was happy with that at the time, then all day I was dreading going after working all day.

On a happy note..... I realized today I only have TEN days until I visit my boo ANDREW! My phone app reminds me. A countdown is awesome to see when it gets close!
I haven't seen him since July 4 weekend when he came back home to MS for the first time since Christmas. Yes, Christmas. Unfortunately he hasn't had the extra $$$ to come home often. Don't worry, I have been flying out to visit him in SC like every two months! He moved the day that I started my job last July. Long distance relationships SUCK, but we have made it thru so much and it all has made us stronger. This time, I get to go back to see him and celebrate my 24th birthday!  AHHHH! I mean can you feel the excitment?!

After realizing this wonderful awesome news, I had a delicious fruit smoothie my mom made.
Perks of still living at home....... Mom feeds me still :). I cook sometimes, but since I have been training I have really slacked off because I'm pretty exhausted at the end of my day. I figure eventually my body will get use to it and I won't be so drained. I can only hope.

I got an email from Cooper's mom today to update me on little man. She said "He is just fine!!! All put together! He acts like nothing happened!!! and sent me this adorable pic. Look at those bobo's :(( I jus want to hug him tight and kiss all over that face! He is way precious. So, tonight I'm finally feeling better about the whole thing. Thank goodness.

I didn't make my lunch for today last night, so I had to hunt for something. We didn't have anymore canned tuna, which is what I really wanted, but I found a packet. Very disappointing when I got it in a bowl. I'm use to eating an entire can, and this was less than half of a can I think. No way that was gonna fill me up, so I brought bread to make a sandwich. Paired with Special K Cracker Chips. mmm.

It was that time again for me to get a TBskin test :( I HATE needles. and this person did not tell me to breathe or warn me or anything before he stuck me. Normally I get nauseated with needle sticks, today it wasn't bad thank goodness. I'll let you know Wednesday if I have TB or not. ha :/

After work I chowed down on some yummy cherries!

All these blogs I read keep me craving cherries and watermelon. I have never actually had fresh cherries until about 3 weeks ago, and I'm IN LOVE. They are so much better than the jarred stuff.

So.... after a full day at work, and a belly full of cherries, I met up with Susan to tackle the run for today. At 5:45 in the afternoon in 85+ degree weather. Again, I demanded we take a pic so I could introduce you to her! I mean she is only in my posts about every other day!
Meet SUSAN! My awesome running partner!
Let me remind you, she did 16 miles on Saturday, so she is still in recovery mode. We walked most of the time thanks to our sore hamstrings, my sore anterior tibs, and her sucky socks. I don't know what brand it was, all I know is she paid $11-12 for ONE PAIR. and they smooshed her toes and cause her to walk like a stick legged person with her leg cocked out to the side. I offered a piggy back ride, then took it back. It was freakin hot outside!
Sweaty mess.. yummy.

The shoes did GREAT! Very comfortable and light. My toes had more breathing room for sure, so they weren't smooshed. That was my main problem with Saturday's run. My shoes weren't big enough for my feet to swell and feel comfortable. So, today that leaves me with sore toenails. gag. And a def weird feeling. Sore toenails is something I have never experienced.

Dinner was yummy chicken and cheese quesadilla with homemade salsa! and ranch of course. I rarely give up ranch. I can eat it on just about anything.  Had my second Powerade Zero. Today was Orange. I love those drinks!
When I bought the Powerade I made the mistake of walking by a candy rack. Darn co-workers all had peanut m&ms but me today. I showed self discipline twice today. Once when they offered me some, and again when I bought my own and only at 10 out of this huge bag!

It now raining AGAIN. surprise surprise. Like so loud my dog and I are jumping out of our skin and starring at the window. Yikes! I hate bad weather!!! It makes me cringe when the entire house shakes. This better not mess up my opportunity to get my run done in the morning. I'm beginning to think I am a changed person wanting to get up early and do it! I just have so much more energy and my feet aren't tired from standing all day.

Have a good night!

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  1. i eat ranch on everything too. had it on my baked potato tonight!