Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Mean... I LOVE to EAT!

Workout:: 30min elliptical, abs, bi's/tri's, shoulders

Waking up with light outside my window was....ahhhhmazing. Today was a break day from running, and replaced with cross-training! Luckily Susan and I both needed a break and now we are both feeling better. My achillies/heels didn't bother me today at all :)

My blog is Running Nonstop, but I'm thinking it may need to be EATING Nonstop. I seem to be talking more about food than working out/ training. Do you agree? Maybe I should just say this blog also keeps me accountable for eating healthy too. I don't want to take pictures of rib sticking meals that make me gain 5lbs, so I eat healthy, so I can show you. And nobody can stop me.

Today is Wednesday and the hospital cooks breakfast on Wednesdays(the only day of the week for employees, and we still have to buy it). Don't worry, its really healthy. That's what I keep telling myself. I felt worst about the bacon. oh well.
Lunch was a hospital salad with lots of veggies topped with my leftover salmon. Is that nasty that I mixed fish with salad? Whatever, it was worth a try. It will not be something I eat often at all. That is all I took with me today, and I needed more food and tried to be good.

Monica from Run,Eat,Repeat has me craving watermelon lately, so I was pretty pumped when I saw it!
After a day of work, I needed some energy to do my workout. and to not leave after 20mins. This stuff works soooo good!
It def boosts my energy level and helps me get the best out of my workout! I went hard on the elliptical (atleast it felt like it) on "cross-train" program for 30mins.

Iron Chef America also played its part and kept my mind off of it.

I did abs and obliques and then got ready for arms! I love arm workouts ever since I got a trainer back in the fall. I hated to give him up after 3months but decided I had learned enough and my money could go elsewhere.
I'm not a weight hog or anything...... and please don't talk to me and break my concentration. I never go to the gym with people because talking takes up too much time. and I'm ADD so I can't do two things at once. well sometimes, but not workout. It's also annoying to keep having to take out an earbud cause I have to hear what you are saying. Those panasonic's are working like a champ.

Today was probably the best I have felt for cross-training since I started half marathon training! I had three sets going in rotation at a time. Every time I finished, I was looking for something else. I mean, this workout was bom-diggity. If you have never tried NOxplode, get some.

One the way home I got a picture of beauty. I think so atleast. God's Glory shining thru :)
OK. Why oh why do I have to love food so dang much??!!? I stopped at the store for 4 cans of chicken broth and came out with this too. Are SmartOnes a good health choice? Well, its a good "tasty" choice. Breakfast SO's are my fav. I don't eat the others.
I thought Kroger had a deal, but calculated up Walmarts price for that amount and I paid about $1 more. Boo. I have always sucked at math so maybe I'm wrong.

Walking in the door my face lit up when I saw more fresh cut fruit!
I'm not a huge honeydew fan, but it will do! For some reason it tastes buttery to me. Anybody else get that? Weird, but it does to me.

Dinner is still pending....and I'm starving. But good news, I don't have TB. Just in case you were dying to know.


  1. I can totally relate on being a bottomless pit! I just LOVE food :) haha

  2. I see that you take NO~Explode. Have you ever tried Jacked? My husband I like it waaaayyy better. I use it on my Sunday workouts when I go hard!!