Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spinach Teeth

Workout:: Elliptical/20min. abs. arms. shoulders.

Sleeping until 6:45 was unbelievable this morning! I def love my three days a week I am granted to be shut off from the world and only in dreamland. in the dark. in my super comfy bed for just a little while longer.

Today's post is about food apparently. Deep down, that fat girl that LOVES to eat is still inside me! I do great most of the time, but resisted a little today. Here are todays eats, just because I know your dying to know......

  • Breakfast:: Smart Ones Ham, Egg, and Cheese on English muffin. Chocolate milk. mmmm.
  • Lunch:: Healthy Choice Steamed Portabella Spinach Parmesan. Homemade APPLE COBBLER from the hospitals cafeteria! I was good and only hate the apples and a few bites of the crust. and it was pretty much all crust. bummer.
Portabella's could have been better. It did its job tho.
I did keep asking people all day "Do I have spinach in my teeth"?
MMMMM Heavenly!!!

This girl was super pumped. and became a freak taking pictures of herself while nobody was around.

  • Snack:: FREE huge honking piece of fresh watermelon. Perfect for my growling belly! Then a banana about an hour later.
It was a honker

  • Dinner:: Rotisserie Turkey breast, green peas, blackeyed peas, and sweet cornbread
Oh I forgot to mention the 5 Strawberry Newtons cookies before dinner.... but you don't care.

So after work, and before dinner I picked up Marathon Makeover DVDs to catch up on since I started midway through training. Today I learned about gear and community support. I have alot more to see.. and apparently these are the most interesting. goody. On a positive note, Susan picked me up some new earbuds from TJMaxx yesterday cause she is only the sweetest. Iphone earbuds suck. I sweat so much that it runs down in my ear and blocks all sound. Therefore, I run only about 5-10 mins with music. Hopefully these will help me out with my jams!

After, I went for my workout! I was feeling very motivated for some reason.... and took another picture of myself, duh because I'm sporting my MM shirt!
Only cool people take pictures in a gym changing room.

Until tomorrow.....

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