Sunday, July 24, 2011

I Wanted to CRY

PM Workout:: 30min/elliptical, abs, quick bi's/tri's

This morning started off like any other Sunday. Dressed and ready for church all happy and looking forward to it.. Beautiful weather and all.

So, after Sunday School I got to church early and started playing with this sweet precious baby face, Cooper! He is beyond adorable and finally showed me some attention, taking over my water bottle and all. We played with my phone, and then he put his shoes in my purse. Next thing I know, he nose dives reaching for the floor and BAM. I picked him up and handed him to his mommy since he was screaming. Then his daddy noticed his eye...... Dun.dun.dun.....He had hit his face on the corner of the hymnal shelf and had a bleeding cut. Everybody freaked out, and then they were off to the ER. I mean I could not have felt worse. This precious beautiful little face.
I always exaggerate and think the absolute worse. I could just see his whole left side by his eye swelling shut and turning black and purple. I did not concentrate or hear half of what my preacher was saying because I was so worried. I talked to his mom after church and she said that he was fine and not to be sorry that it wasn't my fault. She tried to make me feel better but it did NOT work. She said they were going to try to glue it, but if he wouldn't be still and leave it alone they would have to stitch it. :((((( come on now. I still feel like crap.

We went to eat Mexican after church! Normally (if you know me at all) you know I moan and groan over the thought of it. Mostly because in the town I live in, THAT IS ALL WE HAVE!!! Why do you think I got so flippin excited over Applebees Friday night?...  Anyway, I ordered my fav - Beef enchiladas, no red sauce, with Chili Verde! They SMOTHER it on top of cheese :)) yes! They gave me an overly gracious amount of verde today and it made me a happy girl. I could have done without all the rice. They loaded me up today. I made the decision to eat half of everything. and I stuck to it.... although I ate the entire taco shell. And I didn't forget my to-go box this time. The bf would be proud :)

I made sure I got my Sunday Nap in today since weather was rolling in.. I woke up to this. Looked like we were gonna have a repeat of yesterday. Somehow after a little rain, it cleared up quick.

I took this chance to run to the gym to get my cross-training workout in!
As you can see at the top, I did 30 mins only on the elliptical. My marathon makeover training group leader says anything over 20 mins is over doing it during training. Well, my ipod did its job keeping me going with its random song choices. Cardio and rap music just go together. I don't care what you say. Did abs and obliques, and then a quick arm workout. I was ready to get home cause it was getting later and I had stuff to do. Like I have a life. I really just wanted to do today's post so I could show you my little friend and tell you the story.

Have you ever had an accident with a small child?
    -I'd ask if you felt like crap but I'm sure you weren't clapping.

Do you love or hate mexican food?
    -I really have to crave it.

What was your workout today??


  1. i had mexican today too! fish tacos yum! i know what you mean though, my hometown doesn't have many sit down choices either, i get sick of it when i'm home.

    thanks for the cross training tip!

  2. When is your half marathon?! Mine is in November and I'm freaking out, haha I'll be checking out your plan since I've yet to decide what I'll be doing...

  3. My half is in October! Each day I post my workout, so follow those if you'd like :)

  4. I crave mexican every once in a while. When I was a child I remember slipping and getting a fish hook caught in my foot and I had to go to the ER, I will never forget it!!