Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rest then Go the Distance

Friday was my rest day. Whew. Sleeping in and having a break from no activity was nice, but I still kept feeling like I should have been doing SOMETHING. I didn't. My morning started off with a dance with this little guy.  He can "dance pretty" for a treat and it is so cute. It took me about 7 tries to get a somewhat good pic.

Gotta love those early Friday afternoons. Somehow I was able to get finished with all of my patients and sneak out quick before I had to do more. This house I am staying at has so many healthy snacks! Any kind of nut or dried fruit, they got it. Came home to a yummy snack!

Had to get ready for a hott date with my super cute Brittany! Had a brain laps and lost the key. Looked everywhere. Five times. Then found it in my scrub pants I had stuck it in. That delayed me a whole 15 mins. Boo..

I have a long distance run tomorrow so I wanted pasta! What better place than Applebee's? Yep, that will work. Too bad my Cajan Shrimp Pasta was over cajan and my mouth could hardly tolerate it. The breadstick was def gone. 
Of course I was that annoying friend that makes people take weird pictures in public. "It's a must for the blog" I demanded. She loves me and cooperated nicely :) It looks like she is eating healthy, don't worry, she had cheese smothered steak and shrimp. I'm not about to make myself look bad on my on blog. duh.
We went to see Friends with Benefits after. and I shared my candy. I'm not sure which made me happier.... the movie, or the candy. I say I shared, and I did, but after I finished the SPK's I kept taking the Sweettarts away from her and couldn't stop. Finally I realized how much sugar I was putting in my body and put them up. I had to get to sleep and not be all hyped up on sugs.
Obviously I need to take a class on "How to take a good picture". Notice the credits.. how can you miss them?
This morning we had our long run and met at 5:30. That meant waking up at 5:00. Gosh this takes dedication. and good news! My garmin worked today!!! Even though I have struggled with the 4min/1min intervals, I went ahead and set mine to it. Susan didn't leave me this time! Hello- Accomplishment ha. What I didn't like was being split up from my running partner about half way. She is training for the full so she had to do 16mi today. For me it was just 7mi. Jus 7? Who am I anymore talking like this?! I felt beyond amazing when I finished!
I'm braving it up posting this to show my progress... No jokes.

For recovery, someone from our group brought pasta salad. Yes, it was 7:30AM and yes I attacked it. and the chocolate milk. I also tried my Raspberry gels today and loved them! I'm telling you I'm a sour candy addict.
During the run I began to experience a repeat of the last two Saturday run:: a pain in my right medial foot/ankle. This time it moved into my knee. All this started about halfway and it slowed me down a little. I still had a faster pace than I ever have, but I knew I needed to get it taken care of. It's my fault for waiting so long to get fitted for good running shoes.

After a bath, then shower, breakfast, and a 30 min nap I hit the road for NEW SHOES! There is excitment in those eyes....

I got a little happy going into Fleet Feet for the first time. My shoes may not look the best, and I wasn't extremely happy about all the white, but they are comfortable and are narrow to fit my feet better. I found out that my arches flatten out and invert my foot when I am walking, which is causing the pain. It throws off everything up to my knee. Eventually I am sure my hip would start to experience the pain too. Lets hope these babies will take care of the problem!

Did I not say I got happy? You should see everything I took in the dressing room. When I calculated how much I'd be spending, I had to eliminate. I could NOT get rid of these goodies. and of course had to get some other flavor gels to try. -Oh and let me add, those panasonic earbuds Susan got me worked GREAT! I never had a minute without music today.

The ride home was not as great as I hoped. The excitement wore off a little with this happening.
Saw at least three cars that had lost control and ended up in a place that cars are not suppose to be. Sorry I do not have pictures for your entertainment. Would you want your businasss posted everywhere when your crying? Didn't think so. Plus, I would have been one if I had my camera out.

So now I am sitting here with sore hips. Apparently, a COLD bath is what I need to sit in after a run. Not hot. I learned this in the MM training video I watched today. I def need a big ole bag of frozen peas on each hip..... but they are fresh out.
Special thanks to SR for throwing my name out there! If your here from her page, thanks so much for reading! Hope I don't completely bore you. Any advice you have for running/training, please spill!

Until next time..... I'll leave you with this. Just because it's a random plastic moose hanging in this house. When the light reflects a certain way, it looks like it is glowing. I'm easily entertained..

Holla balla.......


  1. Reasons why I love coming across your blog today!!
    -We started our blogs on almost the same day but have been stalking the same blogs for a long time
    -You love running
    -You live in the south like me
    It's obvious we should be blog friends, can't wait to hear about your training!!
    Katy @

  2. I popped over from SR the other day. I started running in March, and decided two weeks ago that I want to train for a half. So I'm picking up all the running blogs I can to keep me motivated!

    When did you start running?

    Question for you about the 405, do you like it? I've been debating between the 110, 305 and the 405, but can't make up my mind. I Like that the 110 and 405 are more sport watches and smaller, but I haven't read great reviews on the 405. And the 305 is the cheapest on Amazon so...

    Would love your input!

    Check me out at Usually a lot of pictures of my kid, but other random stuff thrown in there too :o).

  3. how was the movie? we're going to see it tomorrow!