Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Beautiful City

I decided to venture out this morning and ended up downtown for a Run Along the Water :))
 It was cool getting to see all the mansions along the way.. One side is water, one side is houses..

We don't know how true it is, but they say this is one of Opra Winfrey's houses..

I ran by a VERY special place... Remember this?

In the center of the courtyard they have a water spot! It is pretty neat, and trust me, I had to hold back from running in and having fun like all the kids. Why should they get to have all the fun?

 By this time I had stopped running for a quick walk break.. About 1.8mi in.

Then started back under the shade trees.

Isn't God's beauty AMAZING?!
 I finally decided that this was a time to just enjoy myself and reflect on all of the many blessings He has given me.

These people def had the right idea.
 Like a child, I begged Andrew to bring me down here for a picnic. He said maybe this weekend. Fingers crossed!
 If you come visit me, we WILL be coming here. Because I HAVE to share the beauty!
 Palm trees are by far my favorite thing about living here. They make me smile..
I did several walking laps around this one area.  It's huge. Like maybe a football fields length?

 Horse and carriage is on my To Do list soon!

My cardio total was 4.5 miles.... Only about 2 miles running, but next time I can get serious and do more since I got some of the amazement out of the way.. Maybe.
 The terrain varied from pavement, sidewalk path, cobblestone, gravel, dirt, and tree roots. Yes tree roots. I was that person who stumped something, almost tripped, then turned around and looked back at it like dang you jumped out and grapped my foot. 

During my walk, I started craving something icy and fruity! McDonalds Strawberry Lemonade, please.  You have GOT to try one of these. Especially when your hot and sweaty and your tongue feels like sandpaper.
 After paying a bill, I was pool side reading! Trying to finish my last Hunger Games book on my kindle.

Hubby got off work late again, so I was able to have dinner going and smelling good when he walked in.  Taco Casserole and Mexican Rice.  Sooo good, and so easy.

and dessert? Oh just the top of our Wedding Cake!!
 We heard that waiting until your first anniversary to eat it, you waist it because it doesn't taste good.  Andrew has been bugging me for almost three weeks now to eat it.  We finally pulled it out last night to thaw.. and we were looking forward to this goodness allllllll day.
Yes, that is CHEESECAKE in the middle! It was SO much better than the teeny piece we fed each other. Our second layer was the same, and was the one we cut from. The bottom layer had strawberry preserve in the center! I hate that I didn't get to try that one!

Andrew's cake was a Reese's cake... chocolate cake with peanut butter icing and reeses to decorate. We tore into it on the honeymoon. Yes I stowed it in my carry on. It was chocolate and peanut butter cake people.

Although I had a semi icebath in the pool earlier, my legs are sore from all the walking! Gotta keep up with my parents mileage though. They are up to 5 miles per walk now.

Randomness is ova.

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