Friday, April 6, 2012

Our Rehearsal Dinner

........ The eve of our wedding! This day was the most calm I was the entire week.  Just knowing that everything was done.. well, everything was gonna happen whether it was done how I wanted or not, and there was nothing I could OR WANTED to do about it. -However I did make the reception playlist at 11PM.

Remember the "Proposal Frame"? How cute was it for his aunt to make the YES! in stones?!

My handsome Groom and myself after the big dinner!  
I just wish I could have had an appetite to really enjoy the dinner.  A stomach can shrink so easily if you just go a couple of days without a eating much.  It was crazy cause this girl LOVES to eat.  I never weighed myself, but I'm guessing I lost about 4-5lbs just in that week.  I say that because my dress was SO loose the next day.

For the dinner, my in-laws had Southern Sisters cater.  We were served some awesome awesome homecooked food! True traditional "southern" food: Hamburger steak and gravy (my dads fav meal of all times!), mashed potatoes, green beans, macaroni and cheese, salad, and bread (served with butter smothered in molasses--ahhhhh!!!!) In the south doin it right ya'll! haha.

They did a beautiful job on the tablescape and Andrew's grandmother, Flo, did all of the flower arrangements.  Beautiful. I really hate it that I didn't have a clear brain to take pictures of all of it for you to see.

..and now on to..



Maid of Honor - Brittany
Matron of Honor - Leah
Bridesmaid - Alison
Bridesmaid - Lauren
Bridesmaid - Courtney

Lauren is next!!!! Girlfriend's getting married April 28th!
and Brittany to follow on September 29th! So so so excited for my sweets!!

..for the guys
Andrew's main men!

Groomsman - Dustin (aka my handsome brother!)
Groomsman - Joseph
Best Man - Adam (Andrew's brother)
Groomsman - Rob
Groomsman - Humphrey
Groomsman - Allen

This was a pic to include our friend Amanda! She was suppose to be a bridesmaid, but had to give it up to go to her brothers wedding the same day as ours.. Congrats Corey and Maggie!

 You all should know my girl Cass over at Always A Blogsmaid!!
She was my proxy bride!!! This girl got to know Andrew on a whole 'nother level. 

 The most amazing, loving family ever! My family rocks and I don't know what I'd ever do without them!!
My parents look FANTASTIC! A weightloss journey that started in the fall has completely changed their lives and GIVEN them a life! Advocare works wonders if you take it seriously and have a set goal and a passion for making a healthier YOU! Message me to learn more!

 This is my NEW family!!!! Love these people to the moon and back! After six years, they are officially family :))

 Oh and I have one more new family!...

 Meet my sis-in-law SHAWNA!!
Adam and Shawna got married back in November!! It makes me oh so happy to know that I FINALLY have a sister after 24 years! My girlfriends are my sisters, of course, but she is a family sis now :)) I'm a goob I know.

WEDDING DAY post to come soon.....


  1. I adore your rehearsal dinner dress, stunning!! Good work. Can't wait to see wedding pics!!!!

  2. EWW-wee I look gross in this picture. Good thing we found out the next day that I have a better "side" ha ha.

    Can't wait to see all the wedding pics you put up. You can definitely use the one I tagged you in on facebook for my part in the post :)