Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Past Few Months..

In my first post back last week, I mentioned several things that I had been busy with... other than working fulltime and planning a wedding and preparing to move. Lots of pictures for ya. Your welcome :)

First off we have my friend Emily's wedding!

It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding, and a reunion for all of us! Our whole crew from the good ole days, minus the Bride.

You remember Courtney, who was pregnant for.. it seemed only three months?
 She and her hubby finally welcomed Katie Lauren into our crazy world! One week after she was in a wedding at 9 months pregnant!

Had a reunion with my girls from PTA school at Lauren's Tacky Christmas Party!

January rolled around and I had my FIRST Bridal shower (hosted by my grandmothers side of the family)

At my second shower given by all of my coworkers at the hospital! We'll just say we had some good laughs!!!! :)

Celebrated my best friends ENGAGEMENT!! After 10 years, she and her high school sweetheart are finally on their way to forever! 

I've been getting to see my other best friend's belly grow!! Sweet baby S.K.I. (these initials are CUTE) will grace us with her presence in just TWO months!

Next on the list-- MY BACHELORETTE TRIP! I have the best friends ever!!

It was a secret weekend destination for me! We took the drive down to Orange Beach, AL!

No wild and crazy party, just a great weekend with my fabulous friends all together to have some fun!

We had moments like this....

and moments like this.....

Watching people on a dance floor making fools of themselves rocks!

Of course we had CAKE!

Awesome weekend that made me even MORE grateful to have these girls in my life!!

Is this not the perfect Bridezilla picture?! I think so. Freakin hilarious.

My fabulous wonderful amazing perfect friends

Then we had my Bridesmaids Luncheon hosted by my moms sweet friends!

Best Bridesmaids! I love you girls so much!!

...and my precious little! She was SO excited to be a flower girl

More to come in a later post! It will be WEDDING WEEKEND people. It deserves a post all to itself.

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