Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Charleston weather was beautiful this morning! I got up the nerve to run around the apartment complex a few blocks. Goal in mind - 2miles.. with limited walking. Specifically, less than 30 seconds.
Sportin' my new Nike sunglasses I won in a giveaway from Hungry Runner Girl! Wore these for the first time during the race on Saturday and they work perfect with the rubber nose grips. Perfect addition to a pair of plain ole sunglasses to keep them from sliding down my nose.

 So back to the run! It was about 8:30ish when I headed out. The road we live off of is pretty busy and a nightmare to get out of most of the time.  Luckily everyone was working, so traffic was slower and more safe.

This was my first time of braving it up and going on an adventure alone.  I was able to check some places out along the way and see where things were located.

I'm not sure how comfortable I would fill going in the afternoons during busier traffic. It was nice and quiet this morning.. just me and the ipod.

Because everybody needs motivation::

Sad thing is....... I didn't even know what the crap arduous meant.
Look it up. I had to.

And these I just want SO bad. 
To add some randomness to your day-

Sunday was April 1st. April Fools. Normally every year I get Andrew somehow.. but this year the turd got me.  So I'm dead asleep, and roll over (he is already awake).  Before I can even open my eyes he says in the most serious voice and straight face "I want to quit my job and move back to Mississippi."

My reaction? "WHAT?!" It wasn't fair though because I would have never taken him serious on that in a million years if I had been awake.  After it registered what he said, I was all serious, "ok now what?!" Then the loving husband he is, he hugs me tight, laughs a good laugh, and says "I'm kidding I'm kidding. Ok now I'm gonna make YOU breakfast before church my dear."  Yeah you better after that mess.
Tonight he cooked fried pork chops, mac and cheese shells, green beans, and cheddar biscuits. So glad I have a man that enjoys cooking :) With our full bellies, we can now resume our usually scheduled program of VAMPIRE DIARIES!

Everyone have a good night!


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