Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Month MARRIED!!!


Oh how fast the first month has gone!!!! I figured what better day to post about the wedding than today?! 

Let me start by saying this day was TOO fast. I'm sure all of you that are married feel the exact same about your wedding day.  It seemed like five minutes that we were up there saying our vows. and three minutes of that time frame was a song.

Then POOF!... it was over! And there we stood looking scared to death thinking That's it? 

Mr. and Mrs.!!!!

After the ceremony was over, Cassie caught me in the Bridal Suite for a big hug and a picture :)

Then it was back inside for a round of family pictures with our entire families! Although I managed to not turn into Bridezilla, Andrew brought out the groomzilla, believe it or not. He will even admit it and did during pictures! We were just soooo tired. I mean geez. Pictures from 10:00-1:15ish then again for about 30mins after ceremony.

My dads sister, Aunt Julie, and myself before the reception.
 If you look closely enough you can see my Something Blue under my bouquet. It was actually flowers from my moms bouquet! Earrings were Something New. Pearl bracelet from Leah was Something Borrowed. Makeup was Something Old. It was supposed to have been lace from my moms bouquet as well, but it was missing. We made it work!

Sweet litte Mary Morgan lovin' on her Cole.  Her older sister and brother were my flower girl and ring bearer! 

Brides Cake!! Didn't get a pic of the Groom's Cake! But I was thankful my sweet Bridesmaids passed around my camera to capture most of these pictures!

Remember that new sister and brother-in-law I mentioned? They made their entrance :)

Check out dem SHOES girl!! LOVED THEM! But they didn't love my feet at the reception after being in them most of the morning. This chick was barefoot quickly. For three straight days I thought I had damaged the nerve in my foot because of these. But I wouldn't have traded them any day!

Shoes from Alfred Angelo - dyed HOT PINK

Our awesome friends Joseph and Leah and baby! Baby girl was growing quick so mommy's bridemaids dress was uncomfortable so she changed before the reception!

Andrew's groomsman, Allen, caught the garter! and it just so happens he IS next!

Back view of the dress for ya..
Good thing I left my dress back at my parents home.. otherwise, I'd probably put it on every day just to watch tv and fill out job applications. No joke.

The time finally came that I was so nervous about! Of all things, I was super scared I'd do a crappy throw of the bouquet and it would hit the ceiling then the floor before a hand could grab it.

Luckily that didn't happen and my friend Lindsey caught it!! We are all waiting Linds..... It's about time ya know.

More pictures to come once I get tha real thang from our photographer. He did an AWESOME job on both engagement pics and wedding pics. gjbphotos.com if ya want to check him out.

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  1. Your dress is to DIE FOR!! You looked beautiful!! You guys look so happy!