Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Running Grounds

After updating myself on Katy's blog for a while today, I was so motivated to get out and go run. Like NOT on the gym treadmill. I'm so over that already.

Having to wait a couple of hours for a running partner to get off work, we were finally on our way! Our friend Richard was the only one willing to suck it up with me, so we hit the sand in a gated community neighborhood. 

I've never ran on sand before, but have been told that the more loose it is, the more sore you will be. The more packed it is, more like pavement.

The back of the neighboorhood has a sandy path that runs along the water of one of the islands here. 

It was a pretty nice path to run on to see the water and all... not as scenic as other places to run around here. 

But lets just say I did my body good. We ran under 2mi and I can already feel some soreness working its way thru me! I'll call that a success! Keep in mind, I've been out of running for a while so my timing SUCKS. I am now running with people that consider walking for wusses.. so now I have to train myself to run straight thru, suck it up, and get better each day.

I did have a chance for a couple mins break after a mile bc we ran past the crab pot.. We had to check it of course..... but it wasn't our friends, but a neighbors. Apparantly you can get shot for checking someone elses.... so my hubby says.

Having a running partner def made a difference in my pace. Which is the main reason I wanted someone to tag along with me.. and so I wouldn't get lost. Each day, my goal is to go just a little further without stopping to walk.

Motivate me people!!



  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! Yes I'm taking a little break but plan on getting back into the game soon...
    SOO happy you are back and can't wait to read all about your wedding details. AWESOME job with your running. Keep it up!! Taking time off from running can cause you to feel a little defeated when you start back up again. Don't let that happen!! Keep it up!!

    1. Thanks so much for the motivational words!! I need all that I can get- you had the word "defeated" perfectly. Time to step it up now :)