Friday, April 20, 2012

Running Buddy!

The weather cooperated this morning, so I was able to hit the pavement for a run again.  Waking up and knowing I was going to have a running partner got me really excited!!

Everyone, meet Elise!
 We live in the same apartment complex, so I swung by and picked her up on the way. We went to the same neighborhood I've decided to call "my favorite". The sky was looking a little yuck, and we weren't sure if we would even get to run, but I wanted to atleast show her how to get there and where to park for days that we can't go together. It felt amazing at 66* with a little misting.

Gotta give props to this girl for carrying on a full conversation and never losing her breath! I was keeping usual pace, but talking always makes running more difficult. I'm not sure if I slowed her down, but I considered it a great run for myself!

The splits:
Mile 1 - 10:03
Mile 2 - 10:19

I was talking so much that I lost my breath and got a cramp from NOT breathing.. therefore, I had to stop and walk a second. Dangit.
Didn't quite follow SR's words of motivation that I wore.  There is always next time to try harder.

We only did 2 miles this morning because the weather wasn't very motivating, and I had to be somewhere at 11:00. It was only 2 miles, but it went super fast compared to the solo runs I've been doing. Nickleback doesn't have anything on a girly convo.

Elise was telling me that she ran the Baltimore Marathon about five years ago. Her goal was to finish the 26.2 without stopping to walk. Great goal, high goal, met goal! She finished in 4:30!! That was crossed off of her bucket list, and now she sticks with shorter runs.

I REALLY enjoyed getting to know a new friend while getting the endorphins flowing! Now if we could just do this everyday, and she didn't have to leave in 2 months.

After we finished our run, I rushed home to get ready to go to work to fill out books paperwork to start the process. It felt like I was there for hours, but I am so so excited to start work again!! One week left to abuse pool time.

The other day, I made it a goal of mine to stretch after EVERY run, and a little every night. I feel like the Tin-Man that needs oil. My stretching is not pretty.
Got my game face on and ready to play my opponent with my white concealer.

 This is by far my most favorite. That IT-band will get ya everytime.


My right knee has been bothering me. It hurts to sit Indian style, move it forward when I'm on my side in bed, and several other movements. I feel like it is right in the joint on the outside. Many times I feel like it is my IT-band, so that's my reason for stretching. I've been told to take Glucosamin, and have failed to do that yet. I moved it the other night on my side and it felt like the joint popped, and it felt better.......

My knee was the reason I was turned off of running long distances during my half marathon training.. I'm trying to push myself to do it, but don't want to end up with an injury.

Anybody had a problem like this? Any suggestions on what I can do?

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