Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Life

Our last two weekends have been pretty busy.  Andrew had to do a little overtime work (which we are SO thankful for) and it was only for a couple of hours each day, checking on things. I got to tag along after we got permission from Boss Man.

Boy am I glad I did. Here are pictures of what I got to see.


 Horseback riding on the beach?! Yes, please! Another on the To Do list.

 It was insane how carefree the deer are.  We drove by and they were just crossing the road and didn't even look.  Good thing my daddy wasn't with us. We would have def gotten kicked off of this island.

The beach houses here are awesome. Some people are nice, some people are snooty.

Our ride around this scenic route? Oh just the gator.

After an afternoon of walking around downtown after work, we strolled to get some yummy goodness.

 Who needs a cupcake.... give me a bowl of icing.
 But it was sooooo good! Cheesecake baked inside. ahhhh.
The city has a Friday Night Movie Night for the public going on right now that is FREE! This weekend they played the movie Thor.
Not exactly our ideal movie to see, but you can't beat free entertainment.

They had a huge inflatable movie screen on the outside of a pretty big park downtown.
 You just bring a blanket and chill out.
 Maybe do some yoga.... meditating. Whatever this is...

 No outside food or drink allowed inside, so they had a few food trucks set up to chose from.

We stuck with BBQ.  The Holy City was the sandwich of choice for us both: A plain ole BBQ sandwich beer braised pork on brioche, added BBQ Bacon,with a side of Goatcheese and Cheddar Mac.
 I had already slathered it in my choice of "Q".. Mustard Q.
 The sandwich was amazing.. although I was regretting not getting a small cup of the "Q" to keep pouring on it. I like my BBQ. Words can't express how great the mac and cheese was. We are now fans of goatcheese surprisingly. We did wish that the helping was bigger.. The pickles tasted homemade also. Prices weren't bad at all. We were happy customers to say the least.

.....and then we waited.
 and waited....

He mistakenly thought the movie would start around 7. We got there at 6ish not knowing how crowded it could be. 
We kept seeing people walking around with HUGE bags of Kettle Popcorn. We ate half of it before the movie even started and that was AFTER we had already had dinner just a little earlier.

When 8:15ish rolled around, and we had waited 2 hours, they finally started to play the movie. Like I said, it wasn't a movie we would choose to go see in theaters, rent, or buy.. but for the cost FREE, we liked it pretty well.
I can't stop saying how much I love this place! Truely blessed to live here. Even more blessed to be able to say now I HAVE A JOB!-got the offer today. After a month of filling out applications, cleaning, working out, running, and laying pool side... I finally can be a normal person again. I enjoyed my time off and will miss it eventually, but right now I'm stoked!

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  1. I love the sign that says "Alligators are dangerous do not approach".