Sunday, April 22, 2012

Just Call Me Betty freakin Crocker

Now that I am married, I have to think about someone other than myself.. to be fair. I can't expect to be lazy and get called when dinner is ready anymore. Lately, I have been attempting easy things and giving my hubby a break from the kitchen after work. He LOVES to cook, but I love the satisfaction of hearing the words "That was really good".

Before I left my parents home, my mom did the cooking.  Maybe once every two or three weeks I would offer one night. Call after call, on her cell, I would be asking "How do I do this?" until she got home and could keep an eye on things with me.  Most of the time it did NOT taste like when she cooks it.
I have been waiting so long to get to start cooking for my hubby, so now we take turns.  If you give me a recipe, I can do it! That spells s.u.c.c.e.s.s. for me.

As I've said before, my newest addiction is Pinterest.  For the longest time, I only looked at things, but when I moved after our wedding, I made an account.... and that started it all.

Now every day I'm constantly pinning recipes to try.. some are healthy, most are not.

This weekend, I cooked up a storm compared to normal. I didn't go in to detail with recipes so that the proper person is given the credit they deserve!....

First, we have Crispy Cheddar Chicken from the amazing cook, Jamie!
 I am not sure how she came up with this idea, but it is AHHmazing!!

I only used three chicken breast, cut up, and only 2 cups of cheese (or less) are needed. Also, I think only one sleeve of Ritz Crackers are needed. There was a lot waisted with two sleeves.
 Jamie will tell you in her post that the cheese will fall off in the cracker crumbs. I followed her directions, and then coated more on all pieces after placing in the baking dish.

My picture isn't as perfect, but I was completely pleased when my sweet guy said that was the best thing I had ever cooked him. I'll take it! The sauce was unbelievable as well! Generously smothering every piece of chicken, leaving none left over.

Next, we have Parmesan Roasted Potatoes from the genius, Gaby!
 These potatoes were HEAVENLY. I just made them last night, and plan to make them again to take to a friends house for dinner tomorrow night.
 I expected this one to be alot of work, but it was just cubing potatoes and dumping ingredients together and mixing it up. Super easy!

Of course, I didn't do wonderful on my portion control, and haven't all weekend. Time to jump back on tomorrow!

Last, we have Oatmeal Cranberry Cookies from VIPpins.
 After all of the junk we have been eating, it was nice to have a healthier choice to hit my sweet tooth. And a bonus?... they are "healthy" so I don't have to worry about sharing!! Somebody gagged when he looked at them.
 Being on a budget makes eating healthy hard as well. With this recipe, I only had to buy bananas, apple sauce and dried cranberries- which can both be eaten for lunches and snacks!
This recipe is described as a mix between a granola bar and a cookie. The inside is soft and chewy and oh so good!

Very happy with the outcome of my cooking this weekend!! All things turned out well and just proves me wrong when I say "I can't cook!!"

Thank you Pinterest for helping, but lets not make this a SERIOUS problem, okay?

Another happy note? $1.00 movie rentals! Budgeting isn't all that bad I guess.

Now if I had just gotten up extra early (and had dry weather) before church to go running this morning! Crossing fingers for NO RAIN tomorrow so I can get back out there. My parents are showing me up with all their 6 mile walks this week!! Maybe I'll drag Andrew out the door with me one afternoon this week........

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend relaxing like we did!!

Time to stretch. I've missed two nights.

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  1. I love love love pinterest too! Its the best thing ever invented. I went through a period where I was neglecting my school assignments because I was busy pinning things. It was bad! Haha. Glad that's out of my system.

    By the way, those recipes look great. I may just have to try them. I need to learn how to cook one of these days! Why not start now?!