Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Brother

My wittle baby brother isn't quite so little anymore.
Today he turns 22!

Why can't we sometimes travel back in time.. Just to fight and wrestle and his scrawny butt pin me down. , to get in arguements over whose turn it was to feed the dog, to share a bed when it was scary weather outside, to chase each other from room to room around the wall as fast as we could, to dare each other to climb in the dryer and close the person in it, to make bathroom and hall forts with all the cover and pillows in the house to protect us from tornados...... to hear the words Goodnight, I love you before bed every single night.

I am proud of what he has become throughout all of lifes trials.

He is my brother who played his hardest and had an excuse to be fightin' mad when the team lost,

who was an example of not letting people walk over you all the time,

who could always make me cry with just a hug,

who can be the most caring and gentle person as anyone on the earth, and macho the next.

 I know now that since we won't see each other much, each phone call will make us closer and closer.
 Thank you for always being there and listening..

 .....which you had to when I "mommy-ed" you our entire childhood,

and yet you still loved me :)

I am so very thankful for you and hope you know how much your cared about and loved!

 I know God has so much in store for your life, and can't wait to see how talented, smart, and successful you become.

I hope your birthday is beyond great! and you take a little time to celebrate. Don't spend it in the books!!


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