Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Shake.A Snack An Accomplishment.And Dinner..

Workout: Elliptical 30 mins, stretching, foam rolling

Ever have those days that you chose not to do crap?  Today was one of those days.  I realized that I now have one weekday left to do whatever I please throughout the day before I start gettin paper. Look at me now.

Started my morning off NOT sleeping in, and making a yummy shake made of Advocare Meal Replacement Chocolate Shake, banana, and PB.  I will def be having more of these because they keep me full! I didn't feel like snacking or having an early lunch like I normally do.  Sitting around the house will make ya hips wide(r).

While taking care of phone calls for work and foam rolling like a champ, I decided to make another Pinterest recipe (and it is not the only recipe in the post. obsessive).  You knew this was going to happen.

Crack-tastic Crackers over at Sweet Teeth Goodies
 I didn't use the whole box of saltines because we only had three packs and one half way eaten. I went ahead and used all that I had. We had an uh-oh the other night with a corn recipe that involved Red Pepper Flakes, so I went LIGHTLY on this. She uses almost 3Tbsp, and I only used 1Tbps and it had plenty heat for me.  I also didn't have the extra bit to drizzle the yummy, ranchy, peppery oil that’s in the bottom of the bowl over the crackers like she says to do. Not sure what happened there, but the crackers were coated plenty.  Just a little something to snack on besides chips and cookies. Already stored in sandwhich bags!

On to the next random topic for today, I have been needing to repair my booboo I made on the brand new throw pillow for our bedding we just got. My idiot self tried to cut the tag so that you couldn't see it at all.  Guess I forgot the damage scissors can do.
 And mom doesn't live with me anymore to come to my rescue when I make these genius mistakes. So what did I do? I became an adult. I figured it out.
 It is not perfect and pretty, but it will do. This is a huge accomplishment people.  Everytime my mom or MIL would want to show me how to sew or anything, I was NEVER interested. I mean, why do something boring like that when someone else will do it for you when you ask? Dangit, now they don't live close.
This made my day successful!.....Don't laugh.

My hubby had a long, late day at work so I wanted to get dinner on the table before he walked in.  Love to do things like that and really feel like a wife. I try, I try.  Also knew that if I cooked early, we could still go to the gym for atleast a few minutes.
And now on to dinner........
Baked Honey Mustard Chicken Strips
Luckily last night I went ahead and cut up the chicken and made the marinade of homemade honey mustard and let the chicken do its thing over night. 
I have found a new love possibly.  Panko.
 Of course before I could cook with it I had to taste it.  It reminded me of a cereal but that particular cereal isn't coming to mind. Sorry.
Dredge the chicken strips/nuggets in the panko breadcrumbs without losing excess honey mustard.

Line cookie sheet with foil, then lay down a cooling rack and spray.
Place chicken on rack and bake at 400* for 30-35 minutes.

and out comes complete yumminess! She has you reserve half of the honey mustard for the marinade and half for dipping. It completely makes it..... wonderful. Panko is our new favorite.

Bedtime.... I have to go rest up for my busy day of doing nothing tomorrow.

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