Thursday, April 19, 2012

What "Thinking" Can Get Ya...

Yesterday, the plan was crosstraining. Elliptical and strength training..

Well hello gym.. we meet again.

Have you ever been on a ellipitcal that went in a downward motion?? This KILLED my quads in the first five minutes. Completely weird, but I stuck it out for 25 mins then called it quits.
 I knew I needed to work my legs so that I wasn't incredibly sore in the days to follow.

This morning I had planned to get a good run in again. But little did I know it would be raining all ready when I woke up. I DREADED going to the gym to run on the treadmill and kept procrastinating.
 Running outside is SO much more entertaining than looking at a tv that cuts out every so often.

I did 2 miles and walked half a mile to finish. I couldn't take it on there anymore! But I was oh so thankful for making myself go! The feeling you get after running matches no other. As I finished my run, I met Elise. She is here for a 3 month travel position as an RN and has 2 more months left. We talked a little and decided that we should go running together!-possibly tomorrow, weather permitting. With her work schedule, we will not get to go much, but some is better than none! and it will help her get to know the area a little better.
I saw an infomercial yesterday morning, called Fluidity, before my workout. 

It's obviously another exercise advertisment to suck you in and make you feel like you have to have it.  I tried to find a youtube video to post, but their weren't any good ones. In the link above, you can see the infomercial by clicking in the upper right hand corner of the site. (Fast forward to halfway point to see the exercise I am about to tell you about)

Basically it is a type of exercise program that tones your body in the way that dancers train using the contraption made to work like a ballet bar. 
Instead of isolating one particular muscle group with machines and free weights, it makes your body perform as a whole.

Blah blah blah.. Anyway, my whole point of dragging this on-

The inventor suggested an exercise using the Fluidity bar to tighten your loosey goose arms in the back. She pointed out that while push-ups are great, they work to tone mostly the front part of your arms. Pull-ups are a must to tone and lose the jiggle of the waving arm.
-My apologies for the blurriness. I did the best I could-

So anyway, this made me think! I had to find a way to do pull-ups in this teeny apartment gym that I'm stuck using for now.

For the last two workouts, I came up with this!
Look familiar? I didn't have a professional photographer available to show you my moves.

I sat backwards on the treadmill and grabbed the bar above my head and PULLED UP!
(I placed my feet in a "V" on the sides of the treadmill to keep my feet from sliding) 

Wa-la :)

It was hard at first because it has been MANY months since I have done any type pull-up. But today I was able to bump it up to 20 total..

I hope all that effort to explain this deal has taught you something. Work with what ya have!
Lunch was super healthy and made me feel great!
It's been a while since I've had salmon. De-lish..

Hubby is home early today! Now I need to find something for dinner.

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